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  1. Don Kanaille

    Is this a one man project now?

    Well, as the title says. This game has been dormant for a long time now, and while I´m not super up to date on everything (actually lost track of the game due to the long hiatus), from following the forums and releases on Steam it seems that basically Madoc is the only one really involved in...
  2. Don Kanaille

    `Mordhau´ on Kickstarter: worth a look

    Hello there, fans of Medieval combat games! Something I´d like to bring to your attention: The game "Mordhau" has recently launched on Kickstarter and may be worth a look. Mordhau is a first person medieval combat game centered on...
  3. Don Kanaille

    Show us your armor!

    So, who actually owns some pieces of armor in real life? Historical or not, feel free to show off what you got! And elaborate on it a bit if you want to. I´d prefer armor from actual protective material over worbla stuff and the like, but I´m not your boss. However if there are some weapon...
  4. Don Kanaille

    The Last Kingdom and general points about historical accuracy

    You may know the book and now television series The Last Kingdom. You may have also come across various threads in this forum regarding "historical accuracy". You may be aware of many tropes which run through medieval-inspired entertainment media. You may have heard about Lindybeige. If any of...
  5. Don Kanaille

    What´s your most common one hit-kill?

    How do you most frequently one-hit kill opponents? For me, the most frequent one-hits I get come from using the one handed spiked- or flanged maces (both work). A simple overhead swing to an enemy´s unprotected head will often end them instantly. This is especially common when just starting an...
  6. Don Kanaille

    Sales model

    As we know, Bare Mettle moved from accepting pledges for Sui Generis to a direct sales model of Exanima - currently, you can only buy the early access version for 15$, and that´s it. However, especially on the Steam forum, questions pop up of people who already bought Exanima asking if there...
  7. Don Kanaille

    Does the arena boss bleed?

    Well, the title. I played through arena again today and noticed that I cannot recall ever being able to draw blood form the expert arena boss. Even if I get some solid hits in - which is rare enough - I only ever got a metal clunk, never the satisfying *splortsh!* of flesh wound. Even the...
  8. Don Kanaille

    Can I get a "voulge throw" tutorial?

    Hello, Since I saw this video of the "voulge throw" technique, I was trying to recreate these effects, but with little success. It looks simple, but really isn´t for me. Not only does it look useful, but also quite fun to pull off, so I would love if somebody could elaborate how exactly you...
  9. Don Kanaille

    Is it possible to get the Voulge in dugeon mode?

    I´m a fan of polearms and they are the weapon class I am the most comfortable with. I started actively looking for a voulge when I noticed that the character in the Exanima trailer is using one to fight the two skellingtons. However, despite clearing the dugeon a few times, including the latest...
  10. Don Kanaille

    Torch bug

    Currently, using the torch as a weapon is only possible in slow-motion. Everything else moves and behaves fine with the regular speed, but when I swing the torch the strike is much slower than the strike of even a sledgehammer and it doesnt speed up. Rest of the body, enemies etc. move at...
  11. Don Kanaille

    Support for Paypal pledge?

    Greetings, There does not seem to be a dedicated support forum, so I decided to post here. I just recently discovered Sui Generis and was really impressed by the project. Sadly, I missed the kickstarter fundraising, so I decided to back the game via Paypal. I pledged 20 pounds; however...


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