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  1. Midcal9

    Ears, helmets and Elf Fashion.

    Well here I am again making your milk sour my dear forumites (nah not rly dear), Today I have seen something one can not unsee in Exanima, When I have witnessed for the first time my ears pop through my fine steel helmet at first I thought this could not be, it must be a helmet detail, a small...
  2. Midcal9

    Armor quality description ≠ Stats

    Scratch that, I just proved myself wrong, I didn't realize it was possible to restore the flawless armor twice. Yikes, now that's a huge derp on my part!
  3. Midcal9

    Market is closed due to the pandemic?

    Good day Sirs and Ladies, Has anyone tried to visit Market recently? It seems like someone has decided we are no longer allowed to go there.
  4. Midcal9

    HELLO, WHAT happened to THE SOCKET?!

    Hey guys and gals, Devs and Moderators, Could you please tell me what happened to the SOCKET of THE STRANGE MASK? Where is my socket? I need only one, please? WHERE IS IT? Is it a bug or a...
  5. Midcal9

    THICC Veteran's opinion on the new AI.

    Greetings Venerable companions, Hereby I shall post my short but very deep thoughts on the new AI in relation to player's combat experience. Prior to the last 0.7 update the AI used to be aggressive and more careless as you all may have noticed, now it's far more reactive. That's all. The new...
  6. Midcal9

    First Arena Spectator Reporting In. Get tickets from your local Ogre.

    Dear Arena enthusiasts, Something very good has happened to my good npc buddie and all around perfect wingman Teppin, he was successfully launched into the air by Mr. Ogre and became the first Arena spectator in Exanima. He didn't look very happy about it though and looked very bewildered at...
  7. Midcal9

    Mesh error on a Helmet.

    Dear Arena Enthusiasts, Sportsmen and Arms & Armor collectors, This is not your ordinary munition grade open helmet gentlemen, this is a top of the line early 16th century closed helmet! I payed a lot of gold for it and this is what I got, it's not a bug but a feature, I can look through it! Is...


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