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  1. Jimmini

    Exanima planned feature list

    This is an unofficial, incomplete list of planned, considered and denied additions to Exanima, with links to official sources. An older (potentially outdated) list specific to Sui Generis can be found here: Grand list of dev quotes on features Some listed features might ultimately not be added...
  2. Jimmini


    One thing that just recently began getting seriously on my nerves, is enemies in the arena flailing wildy with their weapons and, additionally, not letting me any space to start my own attacks. For every step I take backwards, they take one forwards, and since they dont hit me by swinging, they...
  3. Jimmini

    The great indoors. Now outside.

    In the pre-alpha gameplay video of Sui Generis, the outdoors seem to be separated from the indoors. There's also an old post from Agnes, confirming that for... I really don't like this separation in games. Not necessarily because of the loading times, but more because it's just very unnatural...
  4. Jimmini

    Dead or Undead?

    I wouldn't ask this question in the context of basically every other game, but since there's serious thought behind everything Bare Mettle creates and decides, I guess there's reason to be found behind this too. Why can undead be killed? Their decayed bodies aren't capable to set themselves in...
  5. Jimmini

    Walking and other issues

    First: Walking near walls needs some serious fixing. It is really unnerving to constantly get stuck when getting a little to close to the walls, especially when fleeing and then needing to fiddle around with the mouse (let alone with the movement keys) to hit the right angle in which I'm allowed...
  6. Jimmini

    World space cursor in combat

    How about having the cursor reside in world space instead of screen space while in combat mode? I mean like it does already when rotating the view (it stays at the same position in the world). That way, the cursor would be fixed, regardless of character/camera movement, at the position I moved...


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