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  1. Abuzezibitzu

    Hey, I am patient and I understand what that game is going thru but I would love some intel form devs or insiders.

    I played over 140h of Exanima and I loved all of it. I have no problems with long dev cycle but I would love If anyone could share some info on game development cycle . I can wait next 2 years or soo and I am just intrested where we are on that line.
  2. Abuzezibitzu

    Purple maddnes(full game reinstal fixed problem)
  3. Abuzezibitzu

    Zombis are just kindergarden "Sir, then golems then..." that fukin version of that alien bot from Day when erth stood still! Dam they must have some multiverse hyper jump drives. Nah he canbe be hostile, who would want to fight that **bep bep bep bzzzzz** ow fu... ran run how it can be that fast aaaaaa...." I killed it... if that can be...
  4. Abuzezibitzu

    Lost whole progres past portal after I quit the game.

    After I used swich to turn off electrick barier my game slowed down to something like bullet time mode, It helped my kill 2 enemies but after restarted my game to get rid of that slow mode I lost all my proges. Sadly I do not have any crasch error measage
  5. Abuzezibitzu

    My friend just finished practice arena modes in less than 1h, In his 1st h in the game ever.

    I wonder if he is new prodigy or it is just easier nowadays to do that. and he done that with slegehammer :o
  6. Abuzezibitzu

    Is there any lvl 5 checkpoint?

    before or in
  7. Abuzezibitzu

    so the... Troll

    Anyone managed to kill it so far? well I...
  8. Abuzezibitzu

    I am Master of Arena!

    I think I hit him like 15 or 17 times. #Worthit #wantmore Cool fight but that guy is hax, my sword was almost useless against that armor but... well i like fast weapons and that was the best one.
  9. Abuzezibitzu

    How long Exanim will be?

    I curious about that.
  10. Abuzezibitzu

    [Feedback/Sugestion on melee system]As veteran of melee games I really want to...

    say that concept of examina and Sui generis is really cool. BUT I have to point some of the concerns that i have, probably sall and easy things for devs to do but really big pain in fanny for me and my friends that tried Exanima. I really love to be able zoom my camera a bit closer to my...


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