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  1. MrIdontKnow

    My Early Christmas Present! woof woof!

    Hey guys, got the best birthday present ever and wanted to share it with you guys! Boom, it's Bane. Boom. DSC_0198bw by ThomasBigginPhotography, on Flickr DSC_0193bw by ThomasBigginPhotography, on Flickr DSC_0176 by ThomasBigginPhotography, on Flickr DSC_0195 by ThomasBigginPhotography, on...
  2. MrIdontKnow

    CryEngine 3 Project -Assistance Needed-

    I'm creating a map for CryEngine3 using various programs. I am I need of a small group of people that would be interested in helping/contributing to this map. I currently am only looking for a person to texture this landscape I have created, I will provide the following files for you guys to...
  3. MrIdontKnow

    Sui Generis's First Christmas!

    With only hours away to the 25th, I want to wish the devs and all forum members a Merry Christmas! I hope you get everything you want, peace, joy and happiness and a ship load of presents!
  4. MrIdontKnow

    MrIdontKnow's Magically Wonderful Guide To The Search Button

    A Guide To Using The Search Button! Using the Search Button is an easy and fast way to search for answers that YOU! Yes, you the public want. Tired of seeing duplicate threads? Tired of seeing post after post regarding the same subject? I know I am folks, so here it is. MrIdontKnow's magically...
  5. MrIdontKnow

    Google SketchUp Designs

    I've decided to start modelling again, and I really loved using SketchUp as it's just my type of program, since I've only just started again I've not got a portfolio to show you, but I will be updating this with many pictures and videos of work I'll be doing. Most of it will be untextured, Just...
  6. MrIdontKnow

    Christmas: What gifts have you bought so far?

    Christmas time, mistle toe and wine (8) Christmas is coming soon, and so will our bank statements! What have you bought your family and friends? Struggling for a gift and need suggestions? Well post here and Santa's little helpers (that's you guys) will help you! So far I've managed to get my...
  7. MrIdontKnow

    Forum Moderators

    I don't know if you have one, or one of the Bare Mettle team is the forum guy, but duplicate threads are being made constantly now, I'm on my break from work, and it's happened twice in the last 10 minuets. You just need a few people who can delete and lock threads that are dupes.
  8. MrIdontKnow

    Post Your Gaming Screenshots Here

    Post your Gaming Screenshots Here! This thread should be about gaming screenshots and discussion about the screenshots/game in question! Try not to put any spoilers in, if you are, make it CLEAR that you're posting Spoilers. Alan Wake: Far Cry 3: If you want to add me on Steam or take...
  9. MrIdontKnow

    Hey Madoc, will I be able to run your game?

    There's no RAM yet, or SSD, or Case, it's all being delivered.
  10. MrIdontKnow

    Realistic Car Damage

    Check out these videos which is going to come into the CryEngine. I can't wait for this to come out. It's going to be great see for myself. Could you imagine GTA with an engine like this?
  11. MrIdontKnow

    Forum Pictionary

    This should be some fun! I start by drawiing a picture, and you guy's have to guess what it is, it can be a picture of something, or a play on word. For Example: Turtle: Egg In Egg Cup Okay get it? I know my drawings are ace and all but lets get down to the rules! Rules...
  12. MrIdontKnow

    Next Update: Physics Explanation and Falling Apples Video!

    Can we have another video please Bare Mettle, just watching physics do its work? Doesn't have to include anybody or any NPC's, just a nice classical song in the background with loads of apple rolling own a hill, loads of spawned tables falling on each other and reacting with each other. Please!
  13. MrIdontKnow

    Small Object Destruction

    Another thread asking about destruction from me, I'm needy aren't I for destruction haha. Like in the video you can move the smaller objects like tables chairs, crates and stuff like that. My question is could stuff like this be breakable? You could also hide stuff in barrels that would either...
  14. MrIdontKnow

    Insider Forum! where is it!?

    Just wondering when the Insider Forum is going to be opened? Is it when kick starter finishes?
  15. MrIdontKnow

    Realistic Gameplay

    What I loved about your pitch video was that you said you don't want people to just be able and kill everything, that sometimes being defensive is better, running like hell isn't whimpy, but smart. You didn't say that word for word, but it resembled what you said. This is a medieval world, and...


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