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  1. Don Kanaille

    Can the physics engine of exanima be applied to other types of games?

    I dont think Exanima style physics would work with this type of game at all. Hack n Slashs live by the fact that you can charge multitudes of exotic monsters and click them all to death while performing superhuman and magical feats. Exanima is the antithesis of that, because it is very strictly...
  2. Don Kanaille

    Is this a one man project now?

    I thought the insider forum was for discussing stuff that wasnt released to non-insiders yet, like beta builds or official posts made only to insiders.
  3. Don Kanaille

    Is this a one man project now?

    I pretty much see him as eternally dedicated to this project. The lack of official communication plus the fact that you see hardly anybody from the official team besides him made me believe for a while that funding had run dry and that Madoc was probably risking his mental health and financial...
  4. Don Kanaille

    Is this a one man project now?

    Well if there is half a dozen people working on this game, one has to wonder why not one of them could get life sign of this game out to the public at least once a month, and I don´t mean "come visit us on the discord or our private streams", I mean an official post. It doesnt have to be much...
  5. Don Kanaille

    Is this a one man project now?

    Well, as the title says. This game has been dormant for a long time now, and while I´m not super up to date on everything (actually lost track of the game due to the long hiatus), from following the forums and releases on Steam it seems that basically Madoc is the only one really involved in...
  6. Don Kanaille

    Update imminent!

    Just saw a new update on steam. I´m so glad it´s not dead (even though old age may get me before Sui Generis comes out, but hey ;)
  7. Don Kanaille

    Dead or Undead?

    My personal theory would be something like this: When you make something move that otherwise could not, you infuse it with magic. But that magic is not an endless power source, at least not usually. The more destructive force you put on a body, the more magic energy it takes to keep that body...
  8. Don Kanaille

    What's taking so long?

    Thanks for the update, Madoc. After checking the forum earlier today, I was a bit shocked to see how long it had been silent. Great to see you´re still on the ball! Looking forward to the next update.
  9. Don Kanaille

    Arena Armor Theory

    When I armor my characters, head protection is the absolute highest priority, for obvious reasons. I usually follow the arming scheme of real life, which goes head -> torso -> limbs, with the minor exception that I don´t use hand protection as prominently as I would in real life. In a real fight...
  10. Don Kanaille

    And i didnt want to hire one of these guys...

    I knew Skall was chubby in his early years, but didn´t expect quite as much.
  11. Don Kanaille

    `Mordhau´ on Kickstarter: worth a look

    Yes. Apparently it annoyed the heck out of Skallagrimm :) Of course, if you´re not into multiplayer, Mordhau is not for you. Botmatches are hardly worh the game price, no matter how decent the bots are.
  12. Don Kanaille

    `Mordhau´ on Kickstarter: worth a look

    Hello there, fans of Medieval combat games! Something I´d like to bring to your attention: The game "Mordhau" has recently launched on Kickstarter and may be worth a look. Mordhau is a first person medieval combat game centered on...
  13. Don Kanaille

    Golem Boss. Suggest your name.

    I would suggest "Gort" for the robot from the movie "The day the earth stood still". But I have to admit that "King Can" really rolls off the tongue :>
  14. Don Kanaille

    We were all learners once... aka. Post Your n00b Mistakes

    Topic: When first playing Exanima, it took me almost an hour to figure out how to open doors... "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, DOUBLE CLICKING OR PRESSING `E´ DOESNT WORK? HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE!?" To my excuse, that was on the very first releases, before there was any kind of written tutorial...
  15. Don Kanaille

    Wearing full chainmail under full plate armor. Realistic? Ineffective?

    Pretty much, yes. Would also help with the micromanagement... "Oh, you want to know which stats your padded clothing has? Have fun removing multiple layers of armor first!"
  16. Don Kanaille

    Believable RPGs

    I know, but let´s see where they´re heading with Elex first.
  17. Don Kanaille

    Believable RPGs

    You should. Gothic is good, for the reasons mentioned. It also was my first contact with what later became one of my favorite bands, who have a guest appearance in the game. Gothic 2 is a straight-forward improvement of the first part with lots of recurring characters. And all of the good parts...
  18. Don Kanaille

    Believable RPGs

    Risen 1, which isn´t exactly much of a stretch as it is a spiritual successor to the Gothic series by the same studio. It has it´s flaws though: Side quests drop off quite noticably after the first act and the finale is atrocious, especially for mages. Also, I found Risen 2 and 3 to be quite...
  19. Don Kanaille

    So how is Sui Generis coming along?

    The idea behind the development of Exanima was that backers had something to play while Sui Generis is being developed, without spoiling the main game by showing it in an unfinished state. Which is why Exanima is self-contained and set some years prior to the events of Sui Generis. However, any...
  20. Don Kanaille

    Thoughts on the Two-handed Sword?

    I always had the impression that this sword swung harder/had more impact than other two handed swords of similar size.


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