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  1. Avramovic

    OK guys... thaumaturgy is fine and all, BUT-

    - can we expect offense spells and/or ranged combat? In other words, fireballs and arrows when?
  2. Avramovic

    Disappearing pants (bug, seriously)

    No, really, this isn't a joke, believe me. I'm trading various items in Arena's armory and, regardless of what item I trade/sell, my damn pants disappear right off me! What's worse, the item I've sold, once I take it off, is also gone. It's like the game is a thief and has a rotten sense of humor.
  3. Avramovic

    Okay, so... new & improved Arena... can I lie down on the bed and tend to my wounds?

    Like the title says. I've just downloaded Exanima 0.6.2 today and holy crap, that is some major overhaul of original Arena. Needless to say, I've enjoyed walking around my new, spiffy yet supplies-empty HQ, opening chests, looking at tables and, my favorite, tripping chairs over. And then I...
  4. Avramovic

    Exanima 0.6 & hotfix download not working

    Like the title says. I keep getting 403 error on both links, and right-click+"Save link as..." produces a 'Failed-server problem' as result. Tried last night, tried this morning, still the same. edit - it's for hotfix, my mistake
  5. Avramovic

    Game progress lost due to game crashing

    This happened to me just moments ago, after being able to survive for more than TWO WHOLE HOURS, as well as killing as many as six or seven zombies, getting cloth leggings, gloves, leather boots and a one handed mace (!). I was going to post these:
  6. Avramovic

    Implementing progress save in Arena?

    Seriously, this would help my sanity (and, I presume, sanity of a lot more people) TONS. I am sick and fucking tired of getting to 5th, 6th and 7th enemy in Novice arena, only to be hammered again... and again... and again... and when I finally hit alt+F4 in frustrated rage all of the progress...
  7. Avramovic

    Unable to play due to... Iunno?

    Maybe it's Steam's fault, or it's just that my PC is craptastic (Intel C2D E5200 @2.4GHz, 3GB DDR2, 32bit Windows XP SP3), but ever since I installed the god-awful Gabe's crap on my comp the Exanima starts, BM's logo does nicely and then all hell breaks loose - screen flickers, I get error...
  8. Avramovic

    Hello (dark and cruel) world

    I've just learned about Sui Generis (latin, right?) a few hours ago, then I watched the early alpha combat... and then checked numbers you dev guys got from the Kickstarter. Then I checked numbers you askin' and I got angry and slightly depressed... then I re-checked numbers on my joke of a...


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