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  1. MrApophos

    Signature Moves and Personal Finishers

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a game where your play style can be very personal and unlimited in terms of moves and methods, so I wonder; Do you have a signature move that you like to employ for effective reasons, or simply for style? Do you have a "finisher" that you tend to use deliberately...
  2. MrApophos

    Arms Getting Stuck

    I know there was recently a mention of this on the forums somewhere but I couldn't remember where, plus, I do know that the original poster did not provide evidence. Here's some. I lost this fight due to my arm getting jammed behind my back and not releasing. This is the first time it's gotten...
  3. MrApophos


    Is there any way, or will there be an option at some point, to reduce or disable blood/spray? I admire the violence in this game, I am anxious to have dismemberment/broken bones but, I find the amount of blood spray a little over-the-top at the moment (certainly when it comes from within full...
  4. MrApophos

    I just cheated Permadeath!

    Ok, so I was fighting with my arena character, suffered a near fatal blow, so I hammered ESC to forfiet, literally the same moment in spacetime that my character was hit on the return, full red bar death. I panicked. I clicked Forteit, and was sent to Main Menu. I sighed, "not again..", clicked...
  5. MrApophos

    Physics Bug?

    A few times while playing campaign, my character's leg 'breaks' at the knee, he walks almost fine, but his foot is the wrong way around, it's all quite horrific really. I'll try to capture a screenshot and follow this up. Anybody else experienced this?
  6. MrApophos

    Pugilist's Pride

    I just one-shotted someone in a pugilism match. It was disgusting to behold, the wet crunch sound coupled with the apparent removal of the opponents face in a red mist. Fantastic. Best fist-fighting game ever. I'd like to hear other one-shot tales, if you have them!
  7. MrApophos

    Battle Plan: Aggressive/Defensive/Other?

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a good while and I've put in a fair amount of hours in Exanima so far. Really enjoying the direction this game is going in and I have exceptionally high hopes for the future of Exanima and Sui Generis. So I got thinking about my Hirelings, and particulary...


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