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  1. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 20/12/21

    They have previously stated that they will, but don't forget to remind them about it cuz I want them now! On a serious note, I think they were planning to work on level 6 weapons once they will shift their focus to the story mode which has already happened. Most of those weapons fit into a...
  2. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 22/11/21

    That is not what a real fan would ask, here let me show you what real fans want; Dear Exanima Dev's, When are you going to add/complete Level 6 procedural weapons? I hope you didn't forget about them, since they ought to be the most coolest, niceest and OP-est weaponz!
  3. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 20/9/21

    Exanima, Properties, Betas.
  4. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 16/8/21

  5. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 9/8/21

    Uh oh! Say something of a substance once in a while, my dear forumite!
  6. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 9/8/21

    I've got a few questions about already implemented and future updates. So, is it actually possible to wield larger weapons with one hand now? I'm asking this because for some reason my character tends to do it without any notice, even when it comes to Great Swords and even Pole weapons. As for...
  7. Midcal9

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    Click on it.
  8. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 28/6/21

    That's what we've been using all this time. YAY!
  9. Midcal9

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    나는 그들이 당신이 말하는 움직임 중 일부를 추가 할 것이라고 확신합니다. 그러나 현재 그들은 PoleAxes, halberds 및 one handed Axes 및 flails와 같은 절차 적 무기에 대해 여전히 작업하고 있습니다. 레벨 5의 더 스타일 화 된 무기뿐만 아니라.
  10. Midcal9

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    15,000 원에 사 주셔서 감사합니다, 하하! 아담, 토론하고 싶은 게 있나요? 무작위로 생성 된 새로운 무기가 마음에 드십니까? 가장 좋아하는 무기 클래스는 무엇입니까?
  11. Midcal9

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    글쎄요, 제가 생각하기에 훌륭합니다. Exanima의 새로운 베타 버전을 사용해 보셨습니까? 정말 훌륭하고 많은 새로운 추가 사항이 있지만 모든 것을 보려면 새 게임을 시작해야합니다.
  12. Midcal9

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    그것에 대해 걱정하지 마십시오. 이 게임에 대해 자신의 언어로 토론 할 수없는 것은 유감입니다. 당신의 저택은 매우 멋져 보입니다. 당신은 그 모든 항목을 수집하고 주문하는데 많은 시간을 보냈을 것입니다.
  13. Midcal9

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Because in order to enable you to do so Exanima devs would have to spend weeks/month worth of labor on it.
  14. Midcal9

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    Ahh don't be rude mate, fella doesn't speak English at all so he probably cant even tell where to post it. On top of it i'm pretty sure there are no Korean Exanima sites out there. He's lonely in his passion. Aww.
  15. Midcal9

    what is this error?

    Hey there! Does your system meet the minimum requirements?
  16. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 5/4/21

    Hello everyone, Let me start by saying that I was completely wrong, I am very sorry. All of my fears were completely unfounded, Bare Mettle team has once again risen to their colossal task and provided us with amazing quality and attention to the detail! Almost all of the procedural weapons I...
  17. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    Relationship your team might have to that site And not a relationship you have with your team I haven't dared anything, but good luck.
  18. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    I have asked a question on a fairly obscure forum to hear a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinion on the matter. I wasn't gonna copy paste comments from there to bring them here and score some victory or whatever. I might be annoying but I'm not a dipshit. I don't understand why that thread causes you so...
  19. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    Maybe they shouldn't spend their time on it, however it is a rather bad change for me personally because I, as a mere single and lone person, of no importance at all, have been enjoying the sword designs in this game so far and saw absolutely nothing wrong with them of any significance. That is...
  20. Midcal9

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    Ohh god, I had hoped you wouldn't mention that forum, I wasn't planing to mention it at all. Seems like regardless of how I'll write this answer it will come across as rude, so be it as it may. Well, that's a pity. I thought that after hearing my repetitive explanations you might have gotten my...


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