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  1. gutsigank

    Coffee Diary 4/1/21

    prob just for developers, madoc does not like modding and he probably wont like having his sacred development tools shown
  2. gutsigank

    Coffee Diary 14/12/20

    derrin can now hear my maniacal laughter as i stab each and every undead in the head, heheheheheh
  3. gutsigank

    Coffee Diary 16/11/20

    i cant believe this is happening!!
  4. gutsigank

    Coffee Diary 19/10/20

    indeed we shall
  5. gutsigank

    Coffee Diary 19/10/20

    cloth having pebbles dirt and skin tearing, tissue seperating exanima is real life sim
  6. gutsigank

    Coffee Diary 5/10/20

    While we're on the topic of collision, will you guys add a feature where you can thrust into small gaps of the armor? Or maybe into visors, degrade an opponents weapon, stuff like that?
  7. gutsigank

    (suggestion) npcs react differently based on how you look or act

    if i have a womens leather vest and i go up to derrin is he gonna do somethin to me?? i hope this doesnt apply to that particular armor lol


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