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  1. -Tim-

    Is this a one man project now?

    This kind of thread would be better suited for the insider forums, but I guess no one cares anymore. I admire your faith. I'll believe it when I see it.
  2. -Tim-

    Funny or Ridiculous way to die...

    This thread reminded me of something that happened to me ages ago, in a pre-historic version of Exanima:
  3. -Tim-


    I believe GOG has to approve of the patch first, which may take a day or two.
  4. -Tim-

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    To be fair, it does seem that the Steam forums are, de facto, becoming the most up to date source of information for the general public. This is understandable to the extent that those forums attract more traffic than these. I'm not at all a fan of the Steam forums, so I'll keep expressing my...
  5. -Tim-

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    I can't really complain, since the arena alone has given me more than 1000 hours of pure fun. Exanima and Sui Generis really are one of a kind, there's nothing else quite like it. Having said that, I do sometimes find myself irritated by Bare Mettle's poor communication. The content on this...
  6. -Tim-

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Gentlemen, this is broad thread for discussing thoughts and ideas that might have relevance to Sui Generis and Exanima. It is a potentially important and useful thread for the community and the developers. Please keep that in mind as you discuss ideas and adjust your tone, demeanor and...
  7. -Tim-

    About the parry mechanic:

    Very decent analysis. One of the more important changes the next update brings, is more stiffness to the upper body and arms.
  8. -Tim-

    Arena FPS drop with 2+ fighters?

    Slowmo is generally caused by your processor being unable to run the physics simulation. Sometimes it helps to shut down any programs running in the background, like your internet browser.
  9. -Tim-

    The Arena Challenges !

    A month later than planned, but life intervened. After a month of no playing, I figured I'd give the Viking challenge a try. Also gave me a good excuse to try Bandicam, I like it! I only did one attempt and focused mostly on having fun with the physics again. The result was... mixed: :( I'll...
  10. -Tim-

    Will BM shiver our timbers?

    Intriguing. This appears to be a paid Chinese spammer/ AI Bot / regular human Exanima player hybrid.
  11. -Tim-

    We NEED a confirmation text

    As Tony says, no serious progress is lost when you hit New Game in the pause menu. It's fair to say that the pause menu could use some work, though. Surely the first option being 'Continue (with the current playthrough)' instead of 'New game' would be more intuitive than the current solution...
  12. -Tim-

    Thoughts on the Two-handed Sword?

    Meh, it's a rather pointless weapon if you ask me.
  13. -Tim-

    Axe in Inept Arena

    Have you fought the two-handed sword guy yet? :p
  14. -Tim-

    The Arena Challenges !

    Nice idea. I'll give it a whirl one of these days, I've never beaten the expert arena with an axe before though... :oops: I noticed you use crouch quite a lot. Was happy to see you get punished for it ;)
  15. -Tim-


    OP, I understand your frustration. I even think it's justified. In its current form, this mechanic makes no sense, has barely any added value and causes a lot of frustration and confusion. There's no proper warning either. The only good justification I can think of is that it will make sense...
  16. -Tim-

    Thoughts on damage scaling/wounding/kill dynamics

    I think many would agree that there is room for improvement in the department of emergent gameplay as the fight progresses. Dismemberment as a killing blow is basically confirmed as a (low-priority) feature. According to Madoc's latest Steam comment: I am in favour of a crippling mechanic...
  17. -Tim-

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Hold on, I don't think that sentence was aimed at you personally. It was just rhetorical flourish. I believe the high/low fantasy discussion is quite interesting and deserves its own thread.
  18. -Tim-

    A new system of interaction with physical objects

    Ideally you'd want to combine these two systems, I think. Real time physics manipulation like Qazlal suggests as standard, and hold 'alt' to enter precise placement mode a la the current system. Just thinking aloud here.
  19. -Tim-

    Steam Key

    Welcome! @Brendan should be able to provide your key before long.
  20. -Tim-

    Wrong image for items

    Did I really fall for that? :confused:


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