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  1. Faelivrin

    Exanima camera in Sui Generis

    This have been bothering me for a little while. First of all i want to be clear about one thing, i love the game perspective and i believe the fact it is isometric give it a lot of personality, i understand this is a basic design choice and it is not likely the fundamentals will change. I don't...
  2. Faelivrin

    How did everything started

    True history
  3. Faelivrin


    Becoz i have been asked to stop derailing completely serious threads, and it was about time someone did diz: I SHALL BRING YOU THE MOST SPECTACULAR LOLCATZ COLLECTION ALL OVER THE INTERNET. LET THEM COME! *creepy thunders sounds in the background*
  4. Faelivrin

    ExAnima cheat - Godmode

    Because options are good :3 Disclaimer: I haven't created this .exe and i haven't tested it nor intent to for now, i am just sharing what i found. Try at your own risk.


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