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  1. Deityfierezy

    Decrypting the map in level 2

    It seems that the map that is at level 2 has textures of higher resolution, so I leave an image for you to see it and make your thoughts: This is the image without any edits And the attached one is with my own thoughts
  2. Deityfierezy

    New mode for the arena campaign

    With the new terrain system I was thinking how cool would be to see some lava in a cave, and then It came to mind a new "sub" mode for the arena, called fight to the death, and you fighting in a iron bridge up of a river of lava (this can vary, with another dangerous place where you can get...
  3. Deityfierezy

    [Glitch] Clone weapons in the arena

    I started a new game in the arena and sell my metal bar to my dealer to buy the quarterstaff, when I went to equip my new purchase, my character had equipped the metal bar, then I moved to the shared inventory and it got cloned. Sorry for my english, this time I only use google translate.
  4. Deityfierezy

    Stairs in the first level.

    Someone has any idea for what can they serve? maybe Mathis enter over there and was wounded by the "zombies" of that room, then he escaped to the other room, made the barricade and died, but I think he had something to do with this place since he had the key next to him, perhaps it was just...
  5. Deityfierezy

    Things that I found that maybe need some sort of "solution"

    Some things dont really need to be repair but I think anyway some kind of registry is required to make the game look "more" good, at least when they leave E.A. The stone "thing" near mouse The two pillars are not along the wall A golem was following me, but he got stuck with a door, then he...
  6. Deityfierezy

    Light problem

    i have problem with the ilummination in this zone: and in places like this Also on map 4 I have like little moments when it freezes usually when I open a door for the first time, but in the new area happens very often and its a bit annoying, hopefully you can solve it. Sorry for my english...
  7. Deityfierezy

    Help me with foot work

    i'm need help with footwork (for that I came up with a training mode), because i'm stuck, if someone can give me a video covering this or any tip to git gud it would be great sorry for my english
  8. Deityfierezy

    Training mode

    I was thinking maybe if we have a training mode we can master more easy the game, (figthing without being ko, learning the movements of the enemy etc) a training mode like every fighting game: select ability of the AI, the TYPE of equip and weapons, etc, etc. Sorry for my english.
  9. Deityfierezy

    Sir in a VR game?

    look at 8:43
  10. Deityfierezy

    The level 4

    I wanted to ask if someone else reminds dwarf ruins of skyrim and / or the first dungeon of Divine Divinity? Sorry for my english.
  11. Deityfierezy

    Bug through the door level 2 to 1

    I get this: I have the version Sorry for my english I use google translate
  12. Deityfierezy

    I can not access my account

    to download the game from there, try resetting the password but I get error. Sorry for my English using Google Translate
  13. Deityfierezy

    Crash when I equip the torch

    Is the third time it happens, this are my specs: Gpu: nvidia gts 450 Cpu: Amd phenom II X4 945 Ram: 4 gb Thanks and good work with the game! Edit:It seems that only happens from that door, no matter if one carries the torch equipped or not. Sorry for my bad english.
  14. Deityfierezy

    This is a real bug XD

    Not much to say, the pictures speak for themselves. I opened the strongbox and there were those objects (use it for keys scrolls and books)
  15. Deityfierezy

    Strange bug help

    After closing the game, listen to the noise it makes when it hits a character with wooden furniture, at first I thought it was just my imagination, but after a while start to hear the music and say :eek:. I opened the forum to discuss it with you but just start hearing a zombie roaring and...
  16. Deityfierezy

    Change the torch for a candle

    Is very annoying to be constantly opening the inventory to equip and unequip the torch, a solution to that would be hot keys or change it for a candle that hang from a belt, I know there is a helmet but I dont see anything and is on the 3rd floor. Sorry for my bad english P.D: a bug P.D.2: I...
  17. Deityfierezy

    How works the contributions page?

    Im going to buy the digital relase tier and i like to know how its work when i donate the 10£. im receive an email when is relase? im using the paypal account of my brother and the account of the forums use my own email, hope you understand me sorry for my bad english


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