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  1. Mati9319

    About character data save in "Sui Generis"

    So, over one year ago (on 12 IV 2016 to be precise) I've sent a message to "" with questions regarding economy and save data storage. I still haven't received any response, so that's why I created this thread now. The question is: Is the idea for online-ONLY character...
  2. Mati9319

    Ideas for recruiting/managing companions

    If I'm not mistaken, it was already stated that there will be a possibility of recruiting NPCs to join us in Sui Generis. I've decided to expand this concept a bit and post my ideas on few things. Recruiting people: we can ask anyone to join us, not everyone's gonna want to join us, if...
  3. Mati9319

    Ideas for stealth kills

    I just came up with it and I think it may actually work! First of all, in order to trigger a stealth kill, ALL of the following requirements must be met: our victim doesn't know about our presence (in other words: we need to approach them silently, without being seen by them or by any other...
  4. Mati9319

    More weapons for full plated enemies

    The thing is, every single opponent (Expert and Master equipment tier) in the arena using a pole-based weapon is just ridiculously easy to beat. While Expert fighters can also use other weapons, full plated guys from Master tier only use polehammers and poleaxes. It's almost impossible to miss...
  5. Mati9319

    World instances - collective thread

    Here it is: a collective thread for all of our concerns, assumptions, ideas, expectations etc. regarding world instances system. If I understand correctly, it's gonna be like Terraria, right? Creating a character, creating couple of worlds and then playing in them alternately while carrying...
  6. Mati9319

    Gameplay slows down/accelerates

    First of all: I really tried to find similar thread before posting this to avoid unnecessary repetition, but it seems there's no such discussion yet and makes me worried that I may be the only person with such issue :/ So yeah, sometimes (less or more frequently) game tends to slow down...
  7. Mati9319

    Complex, game destroying issue

    Sorry for a such unprecise thread name, but my problem is indeed a combination of three (or maybe even four) bugs. To begin with, on yesterday's evening I've been doing quite well in this game... at least when it comes to gathering equipment. I managed to collect whole bunch of pretty good...


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