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  1. Mowglia

    Arena Trade

    Assuming PvP is introduced to Arena then presumably we would need some way to hook up clients. Would it be possible to use the same mechanism to trade/sell/buy/donate our Arena gear/bling/cash in-game?
  2. Mowglia

    Possible Helm Bug ( Beta)

    Quick note. That helm (you know the one I'm talking about) seems to fail to function under certain circumstances, possibly related to equipping weapons and/or the torch. Not sure what sparked it off as I only noticed it on a particular Story run I did recently, never noticed this issue before...
  3. Mowglia

    Arena: Filthy Rich?!

    Ok. You know it had to happen... How Much Gold Have You Got?! o_O And if you got some nice shiny gear might as well show us that too :D
  4. Mowglia

    Arsenal Window - Arena (Organization)

    The basic functionality of the Arsenal window in Arena works well. Although I suspect things are going to get a bit cluttered when the Recruits and gear start piling up, especially if/when stripping down older existing characters to equip newer characters, etc. I would like to see a more...
  5. Mowglia

    Daylight Robbery (v0.6.1.0c Beta)

    The guys on Steam just figured this out; Open the Shop Window, then double-click on your character to open the Inventory. Items from the Shop can be dragged straight into your Inventory! By fiddling with these windows you can clone the items too. When the game is shut down the cloned stuff...
  6. Mowglia

    Torch Bug (Steam Beta v0.6.1.0)

    There's a bug involving the torch that can lead to all sorts of unpredictable results, including cloning torches, cloning items, launching your character into orbit (literally so the shop area appears to be a little square below you, whereupon you die all alone in the darkness), doing the funky...
  7. Mowglia

    Bug (Using The Door From Level 2 to Level 1)

    I was passing from level 2 to Level 1, something I've done at least once before on this character and got hit with "Unknown Application Error" (didn't read the error dialog title bar) - it was followed with a "String Library: Invalid Library Format" dialog. Tried to Exit and Continue, same...


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