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    Exanima 0.7.0

    Lazy mode on, main changes/fixes coming? as broad as it gets will do. Edit: You will make me update myself and see what is the discord world young people use now
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    Can the physics engine of exanima be applied to other types of games?

    I think it would rule, there is no need to multi hit, imagine power to pummel enemies like sauron on middle earth army, i can hack and slash my salary in half gladly to play less sparky/asian speed diablo 3 with proper hit physics.
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    Update imminent!

    0.7 on steam! GG
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    Update imminent!

    Alright, you have no idea how happy i am to be reminded that bashing, as revolutionary as you made it, is not all by far. I wish and you dont deserve less than solid success
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    Exanima 0.5.1 Released

    Wish i got a mail sent to let me know, last checked february. One question, did fps cap got introduced? Downloading right now
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    Dungeons & Dragons

    I still play 2nd edition once in a while, after 3rd edition washed all that was special with a common monster book and tried to sell new content books almost twice a month never got interested beyond it. Did some DM side too, its hard work but very rewarding.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I noticed that because this production is so brilliant that hardcoding the smart thing to do detracts from having the fun of swinging the 2 handed weapon with 1 hand which is not forbidden by any law of physics, even if you detract from your combat performance. I mean it could be great to try...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Hi, just started testing since combat beta and im happy to report that i havent landed a single hit on the enemy on my first 7 mins, but i like this concept so much that i dont care about and having a good laugh at me. But I would like to suggest that being a game with such a pure and beatiful...


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