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    Coffee Diary 5/4/21

    IIRC they didn't add that option because they felt it would end up acting as a clutch for players, as the way movement is set up is with the idea of an unlocked camera. Having said that I don't particularly mins either way, seeing as I didn't have any particular problem learning the system as...
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    Hey, I am patient and I understand what that game is going thru but I would love some intel form devs or insiders.

    IMO we are probably getting new levels, new enemies and then Force thaum. Alchemy after that and finally New NPC's and multiplayer. All in all I would say another 3 years at the least, probably more. IIRC it was (estimated) around 40-50 ping for it to be playable.
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    Will it ever be complete?

    That's not how it works tho. As long as people want it they'll buy it, making it cheap may or may not help but price is not a limiting factor as long as the product is good (or people think it's good). Why do you think half-baked AAA crap is sold by the millions at 60 bucks? You know, the yearly...
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    This game is a design mess

    I mean you don't really need any item to proceed. The only times you need stuff like keys they are so fucking obvious that marking then somewhat would honestly come across as insulting for the player.
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    Are you actually excited about magic in Sui Generis?

    Personally I am, though only if the devs manage to deliver what they want/promised. The way they explained magic won't even attempt to be "balanced" but will be general enough to allow you to achieve your goals with inventiveness and imagination. Also, IIRC making a magical build will be much...
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    This game is a design mess

    You guys do know that this was probably q troll account, right?
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    Coffee Diary 21/12/20

    Yes and? That's the "rusted" modifier (which I literally just named) but the new system adds more than that. Different parts, different materials, etc. The changes are much more than just "lack of maintenance" (which was already the case anyway). They said that crafting will be an NPC thing (at...
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    Coffee Diary 21/12/20

    Hi, new here but I do have a question regarding the randomisation of items. Is the uniformity of the dungeon military going to disappear then? Because so far armouries had a lot of the same "rusted" items, which made sense. A professional military as they seem to be would have only one kind of...


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