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    An update coming soon (possible spoilers)?

    There were lots of insider testing going on both prior to the release of lvl 5 and while testing the new shield mechanics. Information about it is a little scattered though, and you kind of have to hang around the Beam chat to participate, but Madoc has been using the Alpha/Beta testers. I...
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    An update coming soon (possible spoilers)?

    The ceiling is important to prevent the ogres throwing people out of the arena. The upcoming patch is for fixes, new items and the remaining Ogre arena far as I know. What exactly is planned for the next content update, I don't know. But I think we can expect some story content. At...
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    Getting knocked out/unconscious

    An easy way to avoid some of these frustrating situations, could be to allow the player to decide when to stand up after being knocked unconscious. So basically everything would work exactly like it does now, but you could just 'play dead' until the enemies have left.
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    Game switches to desktop and back on level load

    Starting with the 0.6.3.x releases, every time the game loads a new level, I get the swirling windows cursor, then it switches back to the desktop, just as if the game had crashed, for a few seconds. The game pops up again and everything works fine, it's just never done this on previous versions...
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    Line of sight

    I have been thinking the same thing. There has been mentions of stealth elements being planned, which wouldn't really work very well without some form of line of sight implementation, so I assume it is on some to-do list somewhere.
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    pure frustration

    By lvl 3, do you mean the one with the demon, after the portal? I believe the patch resets all progress after the portal, because it is necessary to load the updated level. The checkpoint at the portal is the last one, so each time you die, you will restart at the point right before entering...
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    Exanima (public beta)

    When starting as one of the chars that has the torch equipped, it doesn't appear in the inventory when switching to the secondary weapon set. After removing and re-equipping the torch, it does. Not a big deal, just thought i'd mention it.
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    It's up on steam now
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    The next big update is scheduled to be released on May 9th, so it's very close :)
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    Camera is too far back

    I think Madoc stated once, that there was something about the way the engine works, that would make it difficult to do transparent walls. Edit: Link
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    Historical techniques and Exanima

    The overswinging, telegraphing and weapons in general being slower and heavier than they would in reality is intentionally done to make the game more controllable. If the characters were moving exactly like real people, it would be impossible to follow what was going on. So it's the ol'...
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    New Arena (v Beta)

    It does take a little getting used to. Check the release notes. Madoc explains a bit about how thrusts work.
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    Exanima Beta - Blood!

    Mainly, it adds the ability to thrust using ALT+LMB
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    Orlack's complete(or lack thereof) guide to armour

    You are missing the thigh-high boots. I think the elbow plate-armour are called couters, as I recall.
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    Optional hand-dominance, permanent wounds/blood

    Being knocked unconscious has already been announced as an upcoming feature in the "What's Next?" thread:
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    The level 4

    The scroll from the skeleton suggests that At least that is how I read it, in short. It does not seem like something from the more recent dwellers of the earlier levels to me.
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    New AI

    All in all, I find the new AI to be a great improvement, the enemy behaviour is more varied, leading to some funny situations. I do agree that it seems a little strange that you are completely incapable of catching a fleeing zombie, but it sounds like they are aware of it, so it will probably be...
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    so the... Troll

    Finally got him! After getting thrown around a bit, including head first into a door.. man, I often regret not recording everything when playing, there are so many awesome/hilarious things going on. I found that it is actually pretty good to fight him in a smaller area, where he can't make the...
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    [Feedback/Sugestion on melee system]As veteran of melee games I really want to...

    Just as you can tap w or s, you can tap a or d to do sidesteps, without 'crazy jumps', or maybe I misunderstand :-) The point about fixed camera has been discussed countless times in the past. It has been tested and just does not work properly. I am sure you can dig up some of the debates. The...
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    Which Technique To Take First?

    Welcome on board :-) To begin with, you only select which technique to train, it doesn't take effect until you've played a while and earned enough xp. Some of this xp will be saved so in later playthroughs you will be able to start with some techniques active. As it is right now, all...


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