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    [MOD] More Arena Lights 0.9

    Hello BM, I noticed a request in regard to arena lighting, so I decided to do something about it. Exanima - More Lights 0.9 adds lights in the arenas to increase visibility. This is mostly achieved by adding gas lights as adding torches and lanterns are currently beyond my abilities. The mod...
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    [Request] More efficient method of wielding/wearing items

    Are there any plans to implement shift+clicking usable items (in inventory or within reach in the game world) so that your character automatically wears/wields them? It'd make character creation, in the arena for example, a bit quicker than having to drag stuff halfway across the screen. I'm...
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    Haven't received Steam key.

    Hi, I purchased Exanima over a day ago and haven't received a Steam key under the "account" section. I e-mailed the contact team a few hours after purchase and haven't received a response either. Is it generally expected to take over 24 hours for a response? Thanks.


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