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  1. Madoc

    Exanima 0.8.4

    Since our last update we've made some major improvements to core gameplay systems and many incremental changes and additions based on feedback and our own goals. There's also some nice late content additions for arena. Our next update is entirely story focused, so we wanted to wrap all this...
  2. Madoc

    Exanima 0.8.3

    The game has undergone extensive changes and received many updates on the beta branch over the past year or so, but it's finally time to bring it all into the main branch again. There's really a lot to cover here even if we just focus on the big stuff, so please bear with us. ITEMISATION...
  3. Madoc

    Coffee Diary - Monthly Special 01/04/21

    As part of our development updates for the beginning of each week, we've decided to start a series of posts at the beginning of each month which talk about slightly longer term features that we're working on. This month we're going to talk a little about monster abilities. We've mentioned...
  4. Madoc

    Exanima Beta

    This patch reintroduces the markets and their corresponding sewers, fully remastered. The beta now includes all 10 zones and all content. There's also some GPU performance improvements, new sound features, more improvements to existing assets and fixes to various issues old and new. Changelog...
  5. Madoc

    Exanima Beta

    Been a super busy week and we wanted to get an updated beta out before it's over. We've finished updating the sewers for the new renderer and they are in again, some nice new features to make the new itemisation feel more complete and there's a whole lot of fixes and improvements. Cumulative...
  6. Madoc

    Exanima Beta

    NOTE ABOUT SAVES We have tried to maintain compatibility with old saves, especially for arena which will receive an actual wipe soon, however the hub has changed and before you update if you have any items lying around in your hub you should put them in your arsenal or they will be lost. Story...
  7. Madoc

    Exanima 0.7.3 Released

    We're still working hard on the upcoming major update which includes mind thaumaturgy and two new areas, but we wanted to do an intermediate update and make many improvements to the core gameplay experience. We do also have some small but noteworthy content additions. FLAILS! We've heard...
  8. Madoc

    Exanima Released

    GRADUAL ASYNCHRONOUS TEXTURE LOADING In an effort to fix some issues with loading heavier zones we've been making some fairly big changes to how our engine handles loading content. Textures are now loaded gradually in the background after a new zone has loaded. Peak RAM and video RAM usage are...
  9. Madoc

    Exanima 0.7.2 Released

    UNDER AND BELOW The crossroads has received some changes, and while you're there look out for dark tunnels... A large new area features an all new environment, new creature types, new items and takes advantage of various new level building and engine features. We won't spoil anything, but we...
  10. Madoc

    Exanima 0.7.0

    NEW AND IMPROVED CONTENT Two new levels have been added to the game, featuring all new content, and also music. With these maps we've pushed for a new level of quality, detail and variety, taking advantage of new engine features and development tools. The first 3 levels of the game have also...
  11. Madoc

    Update imminent!

    The next big update is due out in days, but before I just give you a bunch of release notes, I want to address the elephant in the room. We all know the update has taken an extraordinarily long time to get here, and I want to touch on that. What started out as just the next update became a...
  12. Madoc

    What's taking so long?

    We've been focusing on work and as usual we've neglected to keep you properly updated. I'm going to make an effort now to give you a brief overview of what we've been working on. As you well know we've been adding content at a slow pace, with only 5 of Exanima's 14 levels/maps released so far...
  13. Madoc


    This update features a large number of improvements, largely based on recent feedback and to balance recent changes. We've also finalised some features that had been incomplete for some time. Cumulative changelog from to Increased parrying speed Increased impact mitigation...
  14. Madoc


    We released as soon as we could, and we promised more updates soon. This update includes the second outdoor arena and various improvements that didn't quite make it into More is on the way. We've made some changes to how characters tense their arm muscles during attacks. This...
  15. Madoc


    HEADING FOR COMPLETION In the past months we've been trying to break free of the endless cycle of improving core features and instead focus on adding what's needed to finish the game. This includes quite a few things, but the really crucial ones are terrain, dialogue and thaumaturgy. Those are...
  16. Madoc


    Another small update with some new arena content and various fixes. Changelog for Added master tier Beast matches New items added to arena mode Fixed "Sir" slam attack doing excessive damage Fixed player positioning in multiple round arena matches Various small fixes and...
  17. Madoc


    This is just a small update with a few additions, improvements and fixes. More coming soon. Changelog for Added expert tier Beast matches New items added to arena mode Added ceiling collisions throughout the game Improved ogre animations Fixed issues with certain late game...
  18. Madoc


    We're working towards some major features to support the rest of the story content and bring it to its conclusion, these are not ready yet though so in the meantime we've expanded on the arena mode and core gameplay with some really big improvements. Initially we focused on longer term goals...
  19. Madoc


    More fixes mostly, I've tried to include a log for some things you may have noticed. The boss fight is a lot more fun! Changelog for Improved new boss AI and combat mechanics Socketed encased crystals work after area transitions Encased crystals work when dropped on ground Socketed...
  20. Madoc


    We just released version Nothing too exciting in this one I'm afraid, but there are many important fixes. Account page link.


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