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  1. Billy

    Coffee Diary 2/8/21

    I think the idea with the current system is that you'll be able to organize it however you like, as everyone will have a different way of doing this. Some people may like the idea of organizing it by rank, but some people may want to organize it by type or by quality, or by which fighter it is...
  2. Billy

    Coffee Diary 21/6/21

    Did you not read the article? The placement of items is now persistent so you can organize things in the inventories. If you end up with an unusable pile, then that's on you, dude.
  3. Billy

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    Let’s get this straight, Exanima is not fundamentally a game about swords, much the same as the Medieval period cannot be reduced to the sum of its smallest details. Many real cultures have produced weapons of vastly differing shape, size and quality, and that the fictional countries of...
  4. Billy

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    I love the new UI window! It has a much more modern look but the trim keeps it grounded in the setting. The swords look great too!
  5. Billy

    Coffee Diary 28/9/20

    Now that the lighting system is working with lots of sources, do you think we might be able to light candles in the future? It would be a very useful feature for newer players to avoid getting lost and would make the world feel more natural. I also enjoy redecorating rooms once I've explored all...
  6. Billy

    Feature Suggestion: Praise/Chastise Derrin

    That's definitely a good point about equipment trickery for the undead companions (and one that I take advantage of frequently). I think if this idea is implemented, Derrin should have a higher tolerance for your foolery, but I like the idea of giving Derrin feedback or just having more dialog...
  7. Billy

    This game is a design mess

    I have to agree with all of you experienced players, but although this guy is wrong about everything, he does represent a problem which the developers will have to face at some point. This game is absolutely amazing, it's unique and it doesn't try to follow trends in popular games, and that's...


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