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  1. Pilluminati

    Games link on the forum gives 404

    it points to /about instead of /games @Brendan
  2. Pilluminati

    Upvote this on reddit for exposure! It's on the front page of /r/games atm! Go go go
  3. Pilluminati

    Great suggestion from the Steam forums

    It sounds very convenient. You could also apply it to dropping items so the character would move automatically towards the position where you want to drop the item if it's out of range and then drop it.
  4. Pilluminati

    What's needed for a successful early access launch on Steam?

    I found this great thread on reddit about a game that recently released on steams early access but failed to generate buzz or get picked up by the press. There's some good feedback in the...
  5. Pilluminati

    What would you like to see in future Sui Generis videos/trailers?

    I was thinking we could gather some feedback/suggestions regarding videos that the devs could use to help them create better videos in the future. Now, I'm not saying the previous ones were bad (they weren't even trailers), but there's always room for improvement, and I know how hard it is to...
  6. Pilluminati

    Not quite Sui Generis, but interesting...

    Came across this on kickstarter: Combat looks like it has some potential and I like the overall theme. Nothing astonishing but could be a fair amount of fun. There's a demo available. Oh, and co-op.
  7. Pilluminati

    My SG wishlist

    Here's a little list of things I either want or don't want in SG (mostly don't ). Some things are already covered I know, I'm just including them for fun =). 1. RNG Critical hits, percentage chance of miss, evasion chance, etc. Are we playing a game where skill is rewarded or just rolling a...
  8. Pilluminati

    Torment: Tides of Numenera - Record-breaking kickstarter

    Just a little tip for RPG fans. It's now the fastest kickstarter ever to reach 1 million dollars.
  9. Pilluminati

    Website loginBar

    It's unclickable (Tested on Chrome & Firefox). Adjusting its z-index seemed to solve the problem for me. Anyone else having this?


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