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  1. Hyomoto

    What's taking so long?

    No one understands what early access means. Mainly because no one knows A) how early of access we are talking, and B) whether or not the game will leave early access. I'm glad you have all the faith. It's great that you take the perspective of ten or five years is all the same. At some point...
  2. Hyomoto

    Exanima Beta - Blood!

    Wow, I said this before but the combat in Sui Generis is very visceral. I guess that 'feeling' the weight of your blows is the big contributor, you can understand how hard a hit is visually, but damn, I say this with a morbid respect: this makes it almost upsetting. I just uppercut someone...
  3. Hyomoto

    Exanima 0.4.4 Beta

    Just to jump in on, a bit late, I have to say I normally would consider myself okay at fighting but my issue now is that once a ghoul attacks, if you don't defeat them quickly others begin to show up pretty quickly. I love the feeling. It provides a nice incentive to not fight. Stealth, per...
  4. Hyomoto

    Exanima 0.4.4 Beta

    Probably the Steam version, Madoc said there were a few pending changes. Now that the Steam release is out, we'll probably see a post about it later today.
  5. Hyomoto

    [4.3] North door is borked

    Brand new game. I'll try uninstall-reinstall and see what happens.
  6. Hyomoto

    [4.3] North door is borked

    So, check the photo. Anyways, as you head north from the starting area you come across a door with a different pattern than the ones in the southern area, you cannot click on it. However, if you get close and play around with it a bit, it will 'explode' and reveal your path ... or, wait... it...
  7. Hyomoto

    I am error.

    I did manage to get out, however the morale of the story is chairs are evil in the Exanima.
  8. Hyomoto

    I am error.

    I sure hope this doesn't happen during a battle. I just wanted the hammer.
  9. Hyomoto

    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    Aaaand ... yay. Enough said.
  10. Hyomoto

    "Obstructive/Competitive questing" on LAN-MP, possible?

    Madoc has shown he is a very capable and inventive developer. What the engine will be capable of is anyone's guess, but the weight of the game increases with observers. It's better to temper expectations and be amazed than to speculate wildly and be disappointed (not sure Sui Generis CAN, but...


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