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  1. Jetcutter


    Looked around, will co-op or LAN be supported? Now the wife is hooked :)
  2. Jetcutter

    Music Thread

    That old enough?
  3. Jetcutter

    Still a techdemo?

    My eyes bleed after this. I'll personally refund OP if they go away.
  4. Jetcutter

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    Nice!, Download time!
  5. Jetcutter

    Unarmed Fighting (and thoughts there of)

    I too, want to put a chokehold on my enemies!
  6. Jetcutter

    Has anyone mapped this out? or do I need to get out my graph paper?

    Agreed, I did map it out on ye ole graph paper. But the immersion I gained leads me to say; Map it yourself, you will have a better appreciation for your efforts.
  7. Jetcutter

    Dark Souls story in 5 minutes

    Actually worse than I expected.
  8. Jetcutter

    What starting colour shirt do you wear?(POLL)

    Was a joke, Dungeon,, Prison..
  9. Jetcutter

    Update #36

    Outstanding update. Rock on moving forward! You folks are the "Bestest" :P
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  11. Jetcutter


  12. Jetcutter

    Profile pictures Thread

    Logo was made for a Paris Restaurant "Club Noir' , I have since nabbed it.
  13. Jetcutter

    Locked door in map room(spoilers possibly)

    Well said...without spoiling!
  14. Jetcutter

    A bit too big flanged mace?

    Found the , falling on face part out! Derp!
  15. Jetcutter

    Fallout 4: AKA the new "Let's go, pal" meme

    Actual CD's on goty F3 , I'll wait for gameplay, before I drop a dime on this.
  16. Jetcutter

    Fallout 4: AKA the new "Let's go, pal" meme

    Tis Boston for the setting. Makes me wanna go try F3 all over again.
  17. Jetcutter

    Enlighten me about:Exanima/Sui Generis

    Point taken, time will tell.
  18. Jetcutter

    Enlighten me about:Exanima/Sui Generis

    Was not asking due to my curiosity. Simply trying to clarify a newcomers question..But thanks for the response. Edit: Sorry if seemed spammish :(
  19. Jetcutter

    The blocking system is broken?

    Good tips tony.


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