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  1. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 23/1/23

    Test build!!!
  2. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 21/3/22

    Does this mean draw cuts on blades will be implemented soon?
  3. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 7/2/22

    Hell ya!
  4. Zombazinator

    Forums Have Been Dead for a Week

    Big update?
  5. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    This Midcal kid watches one episode of a youtube "expert" and now thinks he's some sort of sword god. Don't even waste your breath on such an igneramus, the swords look fine great in fact. one even looks almost identical to my norman sword! the only thing i have to say is that the weapons and...
  6. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 8/2/21

    After the new system comes out will there be plans on more pieces of armor like besagews and rondels? as well as more armor varieties in single player? And also will there be any plans to add more enemies to later levels?
  7. Zombazinator

    Most Interesting and/or Embarassing Deaths?

    even if it doesn't bleed we can kill it.
  8. Zombazinator

    Most Interesting and/or Embarassing Deaths?

    My most frustrating deaths are when my characters foot gets stuck in a door.
  9. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 7/12/20

    Will any of the test phases be available via the steam beta tab? If so will there be a dedicated forum for all that? It may speed up bug finding. I hate falling through the floor, usually in the catacomb graveyard.
  10. Zombazinator

    I just drag the rectangle beam down the hallway and drop it on the lever.

    I just drag the rectangle beam down the hallway and drop it on the lever.
  11. Zombazinator

    Add more arena modes such as

    And modes fighting different creatures.
  12. Zombazinator

    Jason and the Argonauts style mode in arena.

    Yeah more than just ogres anyway.
  13. Zombazinator

    The Fan Art Thread!

    I got a creepy critter to add! I'd like to see more large creatures to fight as they get my blood pumping the most, and killing the greater enemies like sir or faels are the cream of the enemy crop. Mind you fighting a master swordsman is just as difficult as the large monsters.
  14. Zombazinator

    Recommend me a laptop (or compact pc)?

    Build you own micro itx i'm putting mine on a tiny test bench and then building it into a .50 cal ammo can. then I can just close er' up unplug and i'm set to go game.
  15. Zombazinator

    Coffee Diary 17/8/20

    Halfswording? WOOOO!!! With more advanced blade physics will you reduce the effectiveness of slashes to armor in my experience with a plate harness any cuts/slashes/chops do essentially nothing if the blade strikes steel, mind you comparing an 11c Norman sword to a 15c longsword the Norman sword...
  16. Zombazinator

    Coffe Diary 3/8/20

    Will we be able to fell trees on roads and rob caravans in sui generis when it's out?
  17. Zombazinator

    Jason and the Argonauts style mode in arena.

    First off I love Exanima and the first thing I thought of when seeing the skellingtons at the portal was the old film Jason and the Argonauts, then it hit me... 1 vs a group of skeletons armed with progressively more potent weapons and/or more numerous enemies, much like elimination but with...
  18. Zombazinator

    The Werewolf dudes seem OP

    If you think the ghouls are nasty wait till you hear you first fael as it rushes veraciously toward you from a stygian inky darkness...
  19. Zombazinator

    Strongbox is unable to be placed on inventory

    Maybe your inventory is full, I have it happen alot as I use that box to drop down before i possess an enemy.


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