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  1. 3ull

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    So here are few of my ideas: Spells: - Vision in the darkness - Levitation - Speed buff - Strength buff Handling / options: - Jump implementation - Optional Shift to dash (please) - Quick Key to switch Derrin's weapons - Quick Key to switch Derrin between Agressive / Passive / Flee - Quick...
  2. 3ull

    Shit levels

    I think op is used to nowadays games, that are just showing you everything, taking your hand to guide you and pat you on the head. This game will instead grab your arm, twist it and smash a mug of ale in your face. It is exactly as intended.
  3. 3ull

    Coffee Diary 22/8/22

    Keep up great work!
  4. 3ull

    Came back - hugely dissapointed - options feedback

    Bless you a thousand, good sir! Thank you! There is also a "InputMethod" parameter, set to zero. I assumed its for Shift - controled dash, but no. It seems to be dead. Nonetheless, you made a person happy. Finally a blue reticle!
  5. 3ull

    Came back - hugely dissapointed - options feedback

    Okay then, as this is my first post here, I want to say Hello Fans of Best Game Ever! Introduction: I've been playing earlier version of Exanima for couple of good years now, got interested while version was still 0.6 or sth. I have huge, leveled team on my good old exanima 7.1. So yes, it's...


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