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  1. Beaushizzle

    Artificer class

    you do understand that there aren't "classes", yes?
  2. Beaushizzle

    so the... Troll

    patch is out on steam?
  3. Beaushizzle

    guyz pls

    I wrote a haiku, But I forget how it goes. Refrigerator.
  4. Beaushizzle


    6 weeks ago it was less than a week, 3 weeks ago it was a few days. Not to be a doomsayer, but I'm losing faith. News?
  5. Beaushizzle

    Board games

    Holy crap. I used to love mageknight. The figurines on the playermade environments. Never heard of the card version.
  6. Beaushizzle

    First Impression Feetback

    Back to the door thing: I'm pretty sure that in every zombie-related thing ever, zombies have trouble with doors. Usually manipulating the door handle. I assume the doors in game have some sort of handle, and some sort of latch similar to today's doors. (Yes, there WERE doorknobs in the Middle...
  7. Beaushizzle


    Any new info regarding updates and content? I'm jonesin' here.
  8. Beaushizzle

    Strong box turning keys into objects

    Where is the strongbox? I've played 15 runs. Haven't found it.
  9. Beaushizzle

    So im stuck in the door

    Try equipping a two handed weapon and swing at the door?
  10. Beaushizzle

    Weapon sheath on the character?

    Also, FYI, scabbards were rarely "floppy". Most were of stiffened or boiled leather, wood, or leather with wood reinforcing.
  11. Beaushizzle

    The Effects of Physique?

    Fighting in cramped spaces, for sure. Especially that kitchen area in level 1.
  12. Beaushizzle

    The Effects of Physique?

    It is obvious, yes. However, I think he is asking for tips in testing in an uncontrolled environment. For example, firing a pistol mechanically in a controlled environment several thousand times and making sure the weapon is 100% perfect each shot versus arming several people and sending them on...
  13. Beaushizzle

    The Effects of Physique?

    Field testing. Let them hit you with that new piece of armor to see how well it works! Or test a sword versus a mace in a tight corridor to see if you can deal with the chance of the longer sword getting caught on stuff.
  14. Beaushizzle

    The Person Above Me - Forum Game

    Has a cool, if creepy, signature photo.
  15. Beaushizzle

    Fallout 4: AKA the new "Let's go, pal" meme

    TBH, Fallout 3 sucked. Terrible writing, numerous inconsistencies, horrible skill/perk progression, and the general urination upon of established Fallout lore. That being said, New Vegas was much better, getting back to the roots, but still not quite up to par. Leagues better than FO3. I'm...
  16. Beaushizzle

    Any reason not to use shields?

    On Crossbows vs. Plate "...arbalests bolts could penetrate chain and plate armour at distances of up to 300 yards; bows were far less powerful. In a highly stratified society like medieval Europe, any technology that could put...
  17. Beaushizzle

    Current lore: to the devs

    Is the lore of the world fleshed out? Basic ideas? Would you be willing to allow us to submit ideas to be used in game? I, and others I'm sure, would gladly write for free in our spare time.
  18. Beaushizzle

    How is dialogue with NPCs going to work?

    Hell, I'd write for them for free. Just give me an idea and I'll write. Any way I can help add to the game.
  19. Beaushizzle

    Steam Update for Exanima?

    My Steam client updated the game, but there's no news on what was updated or any fixes. Halp?
  20. Beaushizzle

    Any reason not to use shields?

    Bullethead, not to be a jerk, but you are wrong on several points. Plate was not proof against the crossbow. One of the popes actually banned the weapon because of its effectiveness against all armor, excepting shields. Also plate armor did not ruin the use of one-handed weapons. This is...


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