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    D&D - Scandinavian Help Wanted!

    well i'm not from scaninavia but from the netherlands so it is a germanic country. things i've noticed to hear in forests are. Crickets, Bats, owls but mostly crickets alot of crickets. I hope this helps a little.
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    Thoughts after playing Exanima

    personally i don't see why a front kick would be unrealistic. maybe unconventional but when you in a bind or something a kick comes naturally i think.
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    Exanima 0.4.1 Released and Greenlight Progress

    reply i'm not mad or anything just wondering :D. i'm in the mids of a test term at university so i wondered if i could just not update it at first and then install next update and start where i left off.
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    Exanima 0.4.1 Released and Greenlight Progress

    @Madoc if i don't apply this update but wait for the next one, do i keep the progress?
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    Greenlight Exanima!

    why is exanima on steam greenlight separately?
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    Update #30

    on a side note i'd be totally cool with a prelude release next week :p we got a college holiday and i want to spend it well :rolleyes:
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    i kinda liked the subtle "romance" in neverwinter nights. although i understand that's heaviliy scripted, i liked the way you could choose to do it or not and i liked the way the "courting" often mentioned relevant situations or even current situations that. I also liked the way the characters...
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    The Fan Art Thread!

    haha cool picture! though i would switch his both right hands because it looks like the bow arm get's in the way of the sword arm :p
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    Hello a few questions about Sui Generis

    you can pledge already and support the development progress and you will get the game upon full release!
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    Hair Styles

    don't dispair ;) i bet when this game is released their will be tons of like minded people and there will be mods for sho!
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    Hair Styles

    i kinda like the not so fancy not inspired by anime hairstyles. no nonsense and looks practical in battle.
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    Clarification on game title

    when you go to the place where you downloaded the alpha you have a wallpaper of the prelude
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    Clarification on game title

    Ex anima the title of the prelude means: the soul, right?
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    Boxing entrance song.

    awesome song! definitely gonna listen to it before the fight! Thanks for the wishes and ill try to not bring any punches back home with me! ;) if some one films it ill post the video here as a reply so keep an eye out!
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    Naming items?

    i agree i have the same thing in real life. i'm really attached to my boxing gloves or jump rope. not because their the best equipment out there but because of "what i've been through with them" (sounds dramatic i know) same with your favorite shirt or sweater. i think it would give the game...
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    Boxing entrance song.

    that second one is really nice! i like the soft dramatic start with the hard drop!
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    Boxing entrance song.

    it's a nice way to see listen to other kinds of people! and all your effort is appreciated
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    Boxing entrance song.

    what about this one?
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    Boxing entrance song.

    haha this is epic
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    Boxing entrance song.

    Maybe just a bit too chill?


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