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    Coffee Diary 17/10/22

    Where can I get a link to the Discord? I've been keeping an eye out for so long...
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    Shit levels

    i'm not going red capital underline here... but some areas are a little much. i can't totally shut them down on this. i never got too lost but sometimes i was like, "yuck. this isn't a good time". have to disagree on the zombies though. pretty awesome having them be the way they are
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    Coffee Diary 22/8/22

    holy... wat? what even is that supposed to mean? lapty. What is that?
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    Coffee Diary 20/12/21

    I actively have to stop myself from making gushing posts sort of like this all the time. Not saying you shouldn't by the way... I'm just not as eloquent as you and usually embarrass myself. Right on though! To space and beyond!
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    this system does not meet the minimum requirements to run exanima

    have you tried reinstalling?
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    Sword Academy

    Remember your lefts and your rights. This sounds stupid basic but at least for me, when I started playing I'd always be moving the wrong direction or constantly trying to bring my camera behind myself and getting stomped in the meantime. I even made a steam guide about this but I don't think...
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    (Question) On character movment

    I've always guessed it was some of both. As much of the latter as possible with the former being used to make it all function the best they can. No idea though actually. I'd like to more about it too.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I just have to say... that ^^^ looks like an awesome time. From left to right you've got some tree-elf looking old guy with a huge sword, kind of glaring at something. Beautiful music man playing a flute. Also is that a bunch of swords on his hip? The next guy has shot his gun and is going to do...
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    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    but which one though?
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    Coffee Diary 26/10/20

    It just occurred to me I made an account so I can reply! My bros... I am pumped, amped, and even stoked. No really though keep up the good work. It might sound silly but I think this is an important game (games, plural, at some point) being made here. I want to see you all succeed not only so I...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    i knew i shouldn't have phrased that is such a self deprecating way... i'm not even talking about grinding levels here, but you've got a game, a role playing game, where you play as a character who is learning and discovering new things. it's part of the experience. a game "that will captivate...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    i read this a while ago and it's been in the back of my mind since... i just made an account and found this thread (is that what it's called? a thread?) for the sole purpose of weighing in on this. it's a BAD IDEA. the skill cap that is. it might be that not everyone would care about the cap...


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