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  1. The Urban Spaceman

    Kickstarter: LUCI™ Advanced Lucid Dream Inducer

    Fascinating. Unfortunately being a pot head I haven't remembered a dream for years. If I ever stop smoking daily I will definitely consider a dream journal & other techniques to achieve this. Sounds incredible.
  2. The Urban Spaceman

    Running improvements and combat controls

    Hell yeah! Second video much appreciated, particularly explaining the combat controls. Definitely looking forward to alpha. No pressure guys lol
  3. The Urban Spaceman

    Retro Remembrance

    Oh man you have more consoles than me! I'm getting ready for work now but if I remember I will see what I can come up with. I have a feeling you would have played anything I can think of but its worth a try lol
  4. The Urban Spaceman

    A plea for a good or no tutorial.

    I feel your pain with Worms Revolution. Jesus I've been a worms fan since 1995 I don't need a damn tutorial!
  5. The Urban Spaceman

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Yeah I'd say create a dedicated thread & tell us more about it! I'm still pondering about a new avatar lol
  6. The Urban Spaceman

    Will this game be coming to Steam? Would go FAR!

    I remember buying Half Life 2 from a charity shop only to discover I then had to download steam & buy a code to actually play it. I was pissed off that day! I think BME would be crazy not to sell it on steam because it is so popular but at the same time the game must be installable & playable...
  7. The Urban Spaceman

    Grand list of dev quotes on features

    Nice update. Thanks for taking the time.
  8. The Urban Spaceman

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Nice :) I'm getting very tempted now. I'm a sucker for memes. I still use my all time fav avatar on the Carmageddon forum so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I replaced it here. Watch this space..!
  9. The Urban Spaceman

    Hey Madoc, will I be able to run your game?

    I second Rods sentiment. I know nothing about PC hardware but I have wanted a custom built gaming PC all my life. I am finally in a position where I can start buying parts but this thread just makes my head spin. I don't know where to start. All I can say is I plan to spend 1k minimum & I would...
  10. The Urban Spaceman

    The Fan Art Thread!

    Pure quality Thomas. Much respect. How long did that take to create? I think porky might have a little more body mass than yours portrays but very intimidating still! I have one humble request from anyone creating for this thread. Could you please consider a more traditional full screen...
  11. The Urban Spaceman

    Astronaut avatars?!

    Haha love it. If this SG meme continues we will have a full blown Noah's Ark of astronauts XD It may even kind of tie in to SG if it does turn out to be set hundreds of years after the fall of an advanced civilization. Quality :)
  12. The Urban Spaceman

    Astronaut avatars?!

    I am wearing a spacesuit I just took the helmet off for easier access ;)
  13. The Urban Spaceman

    LTD (Living The Dream)

    Heh. I get this issue with an Australian guy in the Carmageddon forum. Can't ever work out what he's saying!
  14. The Urban Spaceman

    The Fan Art Thread!

    Surely with your skills you could do the research & then simply modify the image? :)
  15. The Urban Spaceman

    The Fan Art Thread!

    Holy shit. Speechless. Skills. Respect. That's all I can say.
  16. The Urban Spaceman

    Gaming Bargains

    Aww. Never heard of those games before joining this forum but they keep getting mentioned! Sadly I'll have to wait till I have my gaming PC before I can think about getting them.
  17. The Urban Spaceman

    Functional Cloaks

    No numbers what so ever is my understanding. No levels or anything. There will of course have to be numbers behind the scenes. My apologies if that is what was meant. I'm pretty sure its all in the grand list of dev quotes but if not I can't remember where I read it exactly sorry.
  18. The Urban Spaceman

    Functional Cloaks

    No stats or points in SG! One day I'll get sick of pointing that out to new members lol
  19. The Urban Spaceman

    Functional Cloaks

    Heh, sadly I've only ever played Skyrim out of TES series but a friend told me about the chameleon suit in Oblivion & how much it broke the game. Let us not insult Madoc by asking for such a thing in SG. If invisibility is in the game & I'm not assuming it will be, it will be thaumaturgy & very...
  20. The Urban Spaceman

    Grand list of dev quotes on features

    I would also like to assist you Hedgy but I'm terrible for saying I'll do something & then not getting around to it. Plus I wouldn't really know where to start. I guess checking each devs list of posts.


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