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  1. Scial

    Coffee Diary 11/4/22

    Spiked shields maybe?
  2. Scial

    Coffee Diary 10/5/21

    Looks great.
  3. Scial

    Coffee Diary 18/5/20

    That looks very impressive! Keep on with the great work.
  4. Scial


    It would be interesting to have the ability to press a button to keep your character on the floor, trying to play dead until the threat goes away. I think it would be a nice feature.
  5. Scial

    Gear quality dilemma.

    It's not a "forced inventory reset". In Sui Generis the thing that makes you different is that you don't really die, you "respawn", and your body is left wherever you died. Which doesn't mean that when you find it it's going to have all your items with it, or even any at all, because of looters...
  6. Scial

    New Game+

    Maybe this could just be solved with a variety of classes to choose from. Or have one class with some balanced flexibility where you can somewhat change the set up of your character.
  7. Scial

    Trying to create some realistic asteroids.

    Space travel in Sui Generis confirmed.
  8. Scial

    Sui Generis crime and punishment.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Scial

    Buying a game

    I'd say that both games are going to be worth the money, and I think Exanima already is. Also both games share the same universe, so it's like playing only one of them doesn't make much sense, at least to me. Summed up: Exanima is set in the events that lead up to Sui Generis, it's a dungeon...
  10. Scial

    Item quality, is that normal ?

    Those are different vambraces designs, if you were to compare two of the same kind, the fine quality would certainly be better
  11. Scial

    About AI and smart targeting

    This may have been stated already by the devs or mentioned somewhere, however I can't recall. So I was wondering whether or not does (or will) the AI recognise unprotected parts of the body and tries to aim it's blows accordingly? It would surprise me if this weren't the case, seeing where Bare...
  12. Scial

    Will Russification in games exanima and Sui Generis?

    Yeah. I've thinking in offering myself to translate the game or something, but then what you just said came to mind and it was pretty much a nono. Also experienced first hand translating a few Skyrim mods for personal use, as I like playing pretty much blind, I got to know lots of things that...
  13. Scial

    Armor/Weapon deformation/damage - Repairing

    Hahahaha " Oh fuck "
  14. Scial

    Armor/Weapon deformation/damage - Repairing

    Yeah, I was going more for a cosmetic aproach but then the possibility of it affecting stats came to mind. Anyways I see how it would be detracting, it would require a lot of balancing I think, and also you would still have mixed thoughts about it from the playerbase. I forgot to mention that...
  15. Scial

    Armor/Weapon deformation/damage - Repairing

    Haven't found a post on this so: I don't know if this would be very realistic since I don't have much knowledge about how strong of a blow can a good metal armor resist, but if suitable it would be nice for at least lower quality armor and/or weapons to suffer damage from it's using. For...


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