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  1. Gusmil

    Put in a saving function ASAP

    If you find enemies to hard, you can alwawys open a door to a room your done with then wait for the enemy to walk into it... They dont know how to open them. atleast not the undead.
  2. Gusmil

    Beta Bug

    Ps eventually the wall did spit me out from the wall... before the hotfix I would spawn instant dead after a validate crash
  3. Gusmil

    Beta Bug

    These is the three bugs I encountered with the current hotfix version. Key with a quad head cant be activated. Leaving last area teleports me into the halfway into the wall in the training room, where you dont have a key to unlock the doors (okay just tried on 1 of the 3 doors) If you start...
  4. Gusmil

    Exanima Beta

    Thanks for the quick hotfix. No longer have to fear instant death by teleport!
  5. Gusmil

    Your Favorite RPG(s)?

    Divinity is the franchise of Divinity. Its a great indie game, that I can highly recommend. But that it reminiscent of the original nwns... Not really, ofc there will be similar stuff. But you have more freedom in your choices in this game. But sure you have a squad of 2-4 people. But there is...
  6. Gusmil

    Your Favorite RPG(s)?

    Worse rp compared to the older, but more enjoyable controlls, which compared to the other was great. That why I didnt care to mention the earlier one. I dont like the hostile tone which the controlls had in those games.
  7. Gusmil

    Will you transfer to Siena?

    Please dont end up try to play your characters that you make in the game in that city... Remember, you already broken one bone...
  8. Gusmil

    Your Favorite RPG(s)?

    Tormented Planescape baldurs gate 1 @ 2 Soulbringer Final fantasty 7 Fallout 1 @ 2... 3 and new vegas. Morrowind: The elder scrolls Witcher 1 @ 2 Dark souls Neverwinter Gothic III (not the forsaken gods one) Icewind dale I, II Deus Ex Kings Bounty Dishonored Might & Magic Heroes... most of them...
  9. Gusmil

    So...Whats next?

    And the first thing im gonna do now after this is taking a piss... And sleep some proper sleep.
  10. Gusmil


    *clap hands* A game is born.
  11. Gusmil

    Will we make it?

    500 ... Edit 2 mins later: 400 Edit 5 mins later: 250 Edit 8 mins Later: 100!!!! Edit 9 Mins Later: +150!!! WE DID IT! WE FREAKING DID IT! A GAME IS GETTING MADE!!!!! WOUUUH! Edit 9:20 +300 Im done!
  12. Gusmil

    Will we make it?

    it will succed even at half the rate it gone up last hours.... mabye I even can lower my plegde from 300£...*cough*
  13. Gusmil

    I'll double my pledge if you double yours!

    You can get dishonored for 15£ atm at either gamefly or gamergate. Or gamestop for 32 dollars... (and that 50%...but somehow they think the game was worth 65 dollars full price, insane.
  14. Gusmil

    T-Shirt Designs

    Its a T-shirt... and That means im not gonna Vote, a T-shirt eats up money for the devs.
  15. Gusmil

    I'll double my pledge if you double yours!

    Sell your guild wars II account to me for 10£... problem solved ;) (btw Ive played with ncsoft last 6 years but nowday they freaking hate me) but the diablo 3... not even I will offer to buy that one of you... bliizard and thier security Alright.. Wieee Im a plegder of Sui! Im awsome... wait...
  16. Gusmil

    I'll double my pledge if you double yours!

    Im not gonna double my plegde... 300 is enough already! Gesh! Call me cheapskate if you like! Dx
  17. Gusmil

    Kickstarter Campaign

    The plegdes going in a decent rate..but hopefully it gonna pick up last week... cuz in this rate it probably gonna end at 120k
  18. Gusmil

    My first question(s)

    As you watched the video you probably noticed shadows moved as day progressed, and when it was raining you could see it to on the ground and in water, or sun in water being reflected, rite? Sure the sky is overkill for this kind of game sure, sure. But it can also be used as a tool to help them...
  19. Gusmil


    If anyone of you five had written a novel or a book overall I wouldnt mind you writing it, but I doubt it, so a writer would be the best way to express all you ideas.
  20. Gusmil

    Kickstarter update #2: Spread the word...

    Updates in general is always great. Still You got a lot to improve on the combat still. but you have built a good ground to start from. Footwork, standing up, blocking and especially twohanded combat. But again this is pre-alpha. so. so.


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