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    Non-Human Races

    More absurdity!
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    Character Animations

    I like the way friction actually plays a part in motion. No more moon walking (though i guess that would be an interesting, if a little odd, character to see dancing around the tavern). I imagine that getting the characters to move like they're human (and not robots) will be tricky, but there...
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    Non-Human Races

    Also, if mod support is added, it might be possible to play another race. You'd just start out with a different story, in a different place. You'd be presented with options that relate to that race. I'm really just thinking of multiplayer where you would play as the elf and swan around the...
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    Non-Human Races

    I'm guessing that these other races will be different enough to warrant the need for only humans to be playable. The ability to play an Orc or Elf might be simple enough in a world where they are essentially just humans with a few different attributes. But in a world where what appears to be and...
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    Re: Game

    Also, you don't have to live in america to have an amazon account for all the other stuff on kickstarter. I'm from across the pond, though i was in the US when i created the account. I think you can create an account, you just can't buy anything to have it sent outside the US.
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    I know I shouldn't be guessing (it's a bit like guessing what your Christmas presents are), and I'm sure I'm wrong, but my imagination will do what it will. I'm imagining being resurrected by a witch who forces you do things for her each time you die (she owns your soul or something). You have...


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