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  1. MrActionHouse

    The Fan Art Thread!

    im no master artist but i know that layers are important. And clothes comes in all layers!
  2. MrActionHouse

    First Negative Review on Steam or Inb4 Negative Reviews Because Difficulty

    Im just gonna say this now.. We spend our time playing video games to waste a bit of time.. im not saying it makes it bad, but its to waste it so we get a bit of fun. By assuming that you will need to give a game one or two hours to get good at it.. Then i guess EVE online wasent good, any Dota...
  3. MrActionHouse

    Clarification on game title

    Wait.. im confused.. dose this mean the game will be named something else?
  4. MrActionHouse

    What Mod Would You Make?

    A gun! Nah i think id make something like a catapult.. who wants teleportation when you can just get fired wherever you want to go! But besides that id maybe design my own mansion of some kind.. where i put all my loot n such
  5. MrActionHouse

    New Public Video

    Oh man, oh yes oh man oh yes oh maan oh yes oh maaan oh yes oh man ooooh yes oh man. Im soon to explode in exsitment!
  6. MrActionHouse

    Questions to the Baremettle people

    Hello, im just gonna ask a few question about the company and such. Some silly questions, but its all for fun facts. 1. Baremettle, are you as a company going to work on more games after the release for sui generis? 2. Do you provide with other services besides game development? 3. Was...
  7. MrActionHouse

    Darksouls Play group [PC]

    Iv been playing darksouls since it released to pc(and a bit on ps3). And at the moment, iv had problems getting people summon couse their bearly are any around when i play. My steam is Deadoom345 if ya wanna join in jolly coopration. PS:iv played alot, just looking for people with a common interest
  8. MrActionHouse

    Daemons, Demons and Dragons... And the likes of it

    Makes me wonder if their is any real properties in sharpness at this sort of level in the game
  9. MrActionHouse

    Daemons, Demons and Dragons... And the likes of it

    everything is based on physics, so i guess stuff that will have to touch you actually can kill you.. and the bigger, the harder impact.. big flying dragons will be able to strike you down before you lift a finger, so the only option that would be with one like that would be something like a...
  10. MrActionHouse

    Everyone around here is so nice :D

    Iv become somewhat of a fan of this game for quite a while, and a rather skeptic person once you get down to it. Iv notised that games over the years have been more and more about money, and it allways will in the big market, Baremettle got this game as their job and i wish i had the money...
  11. MrActionHouse

    Sui Generis and Real Life

    I surely hope this game will be as much difficult in a way making it rewarding, as it is going to put you through emotional levels of experianceing this world. I Myself spend alot of time with manye diffrent games, and iv notised the designers of this game has allsow the experiance rather then...
  12. MrActionHouse

    Would backers say the development videos are worth the money?

    In one way, Id like to donate much, but since im bearly able to keep up my bills imma go just for the game. Dont want any spoilers of the fun.. Its more fun with mysterios
  13. MrActionHouse

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I know this game is gonna be awesome for some reason, and i always follow my guts! And if id add any suggestions to the gameplay, id say keep the tutorials out of this, I dont like it when a game handholds or helps you win. Iv notised in alot of games they keep making it impossible to loose, die...
  14. MrActionHouse

    Will this game be shown off?

    This game is gonna be on steam, i havent checked, but im pretty sure its gonna be the case.. otherwise, im pretty sure some people is gonna do some "lets play" videos and make good market!
  15. MrActionHouse

    If you are to design a haunted castle...

    As long as its not too predictable or klisje, im mostly up for these ideas
  16. MrActionHouse

    Steam Controller

    I personaly dont think the new controller is gonna make much of a diffrence for the gameplay, I imagin it will mostly make it rather difficult for people to type/talk togeter.. bringing me to the question, will we be able to write to eachother ingame, even tho its mostly recommended to stuff...
  17. MrActionHouse

    The Fan Art Thread!

    Im not an insider so im not as prepeard to do much Fan art.. but i know i will flood my folders once i get to buy and play this game!
  18. MrActionHouse

    I salute thee, oh mighty project leader! You might be one of the only people(andyourteamofc)...

    I salute thee, oh mighty project leader! You might be one of the only people(andyourteamofc) right now who knows how an game is really sepose to be made, respect to the soul man
  19. MrActionHouse

    If i got one thing to say, that is that Bare Mettle Entertainment is without an doubt going to...

    If i got one thing to say, that is that Bare Mettle Entertainment is without an doubt going to change gaming history to the better!


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