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  1. Rehclip


    Haha. I pledged for the basic game only on Kickstarter. Decided I didn't really need all the extras. After the second video they posted for the insiders, I decided to start throwing money at my screen. After that, I used paypal. And I absolutely cannot wait to try out this system.
  2. Rehclip

    Development Update #2

    Welcome! Glad to have you here! We're all definitely excited for this game... but I think Bare Mettle wants to save all funds right now for actual development. While they have some pretty fantastic stuff to show already, they don't want to spend money on advertising until they they have...
  3. Rehclip

    Development Update #2

    Indeed... I just recently threw more money at Bare Mettle as well, so they gave me development update videos! I always liked how The Elder Scrolls games made their maps. They were huge, so it already took a lot of time to simply explore it all. Then you had an endless amount of entrances to...
  4. Rehclip

    The Fan Art Thread!

    Nox... I love your second picture. The lighting is great. Thats from scratch? Icecold... I really like the darkness in your picture. The warrior looks kind of off, but the skeleton and the hint of firelight look really cool.
  5. Rehclip

    Insider Forum! where is it!?

    Well... I know I see the insider forums there. Clicking on the link I get "Coming Soon...," "There are no threads to display," and "You have insufficient privileges to post here." I'm guessing they just haven't posted anything in it yet. But I see it there.
  6. Rehclip

    What is the team working on right now?

    I say you shove all of yourselves in a large studio apartment and get crackin. Don't come out till its done. ;) Seriously though - I'll send a pizza or two on occasion. But yeah, funding ended on Nov. 29th. So they still have several days before they even see a dime of the kickstarter...
  7. Rehclip

    Grand list of dev quotes on features

    IT was only a matter of time before one of these were made. It is good though. I've always made it a habit to go to the developers pages and read their history of posts.
  8. Rehclip

    Pledge Fail

    My visa card though citibank wouldn't accept the pledge (this was during my pledge, not the payment). They blocked my card after trying to use it because they thought it was fraudulent. I had to call them to tell them it was an authorized charge. It is unknown if they would accept the charge...
  9. Rehclip

    Pledge Fail

    You can correct this at kickstarter.
  10. Rehclip

    Basic Pledge on Kickstarter question

    Not anywhere near that many. Less than half the backers purchased the tiers that included the insider forums.
  11. Rehclip

    Basic Pledge on Kickstarter question

    Those armed warriors better have some realistic physics!
  12. Rehclip

    Basic Pledge on Kickstarter question

    Which really brings up another question which I can only assume is true - will those backers that have access to the insider forums be bound by some sort of NDA?
  13. Rehclip

    So...Whats next?

    Fulfillment for developers. For us, that means wait. Or increase the community. Watch, talk, get excited.
  14. Rehclip

    Help offering QA

    Although pledging DOES show a LOT about your character... that you truly are interested in the success of the game. Even if you ultimately get that money back by working with them. Personally, I wouldn't EVER request to work for a new company that I don't know and doesn't know me without...
  15. Rehclip

    What a shame...

    I, myself, had problems with the backer credit card transaction. My regular credit card blocked it as a security risk. Luckily I had a second credit card that I rare use.


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