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    Also a much easier thing to implement; Can we get Faels and Ghouls in arena? It would be really great. Maybe 2 vs 6 ghouls for master, something like that? Maybe 2 faels vs 2 players?
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    The game tries to be realistic and does a decent job at doing so, so as a result, heavy armor in real life isn't actually "heavy" that much, as it is 40-60 pounds distributed evenly on your body. Heavy armor in real life is pretty much a straight upgrade (that's why people used it), just like in...
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    I'm really enjoying this game and have been playing it incessantly for the past month, so far I think it's really good but I think my suggestions would improve it quite a bit 1. A shove mechanic. Shove would be really good when they get right in your face and you want them to fuck off...


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