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    Congratulations. You have all the right ideas. Make the best of it, and have fun! :D
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    Will we make it?

    minus $23k now, with 5 hours to go today, should leave < $20k to go tomorrow. Last day is always strong, should be doable. It will be a nailbiter for a while yet, though. Take yer pills... ;)
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    Colour and the World

    Is there any videos etc. of your previous work, Tony? Anyway it is good to know there is someone on the team that has content first and foremost on his mind.
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    Press coverage

    Updated with the PC Gamer articles and the second run on Forbes.
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    Colour and the World

    Yeah - I guess what I mean to say is: it's better to underpromise and overdeliver as the other way round.
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    Colour and the World

    Good tools make a huge difference, no doubt, but it still seems like a tall order. Especially building content after you built the world. And then testing it all. Of course I'll take it as large as you can make it, but I'll just say that I'd be perfectly happy with a smaller environment, if...
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    Colour and the World

    As recent ES games? To me that is large. I still wonder what your strategy is to fill such a world with content? Bethesda have a huge team to create all the content (and their tools for world building by hand -actually also with procedural support for landscape- are pretty damn good and similar...
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    Kickstarter Campaign

    You can't (unless you're project owner, I suppose?), but I just happened to refresh the page at the time, and each time the sum jumped by said amount within about a minute, and no new backers appeared on the highest reward tier.
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    Kickstarter Campaign

    The jump was mostly due to two very large (> £3000) pledges within 15 minutes or so, and neither appeared as a backer in the 2000k+ reward tier. A bit strange, but as long as it wasn't someone making a mistake or playing a dumb game, it's great.
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    That Jacksmith minigame is pretty cool. I could dig something like that in an RPG.
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    Kickstarter Campaign

    Making really attractive £25, £30, £35 reward tiers could give SG a boost. You have over 2400 backers on the £10 level. Currently it doesn't look like the exposure from the recent tweets will give you a sufficient boost.
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    Kickstarter Campaign

    I hope that the game is single player first and foremost, otherwise I am out... I enjoy the possibility of coop, but if we are talking about an MMO style game.... No thx.
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    Kickstarter Campaign

    Saw this link on another KS project: Very good advice. For this or next time ;)
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    Press coverage

    I have updated the OP with a couple more links. It would be good to give media something more to write about, most articles are just very short summaries.
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    New Writer Joins the Team

    Definitely good to see Bare Mettle decided to take a dedicated writer on board. Congratulations to Tony! If you can share anything with us regarding how the dialog system will work, it will be most appreciated, Tony.
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    I agree with the OP, darkness can be very effective, if used right.
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    World Traveling

    I think given the samll team they should carefully choose their battles, I'd rather they tackle stuff like mounts, multiplayer and other things in subsequent updates, to be honest. That said, the only decent mounted combat in a computer game is Mount & Blade, and the entire game focuses on that...
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    Press coverage

    Some sites BareMettle could contact, if they haven't:
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    Press coverage

    Thought it would be useful to have a list of links to press coverage here. For now I chose only english language articles or blog entries that at least express an opinion. Interviews: Madoc with Erik Kain on Forbes Articles: PC Gamer Forbes article Forbes article 2 Rock Paper Shotgun...
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    Non-Combat Gameplay

    I like that approach as well, but I like it to also apply to other aspects of my "avatar" besides the combat relevant ones. So I would have preferred seeing a stat, skill, or perk system that affects non-combat aspects of what the player can do in the game. Still, having stealth options is...


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