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  1. Synalon

    Underworld visuals

    I'm not so bothered by the specific aesthetic so long as it's scary.
  2. Synalon


    I only want romance if we get gay options! :D
  3. Synalon

    Ain't no party like rpg party! (Follower mechanics)

    The closest I can see us getting to commanding a party is being able to hire mercenaries to help us. I don't really want a party, but I do think it would be cool to have some burly guys on your payroll for a while.
  4. Synalon

    Power suggestions!

    That, and the Graverobber's Ring, and Hidden Soul, and Cloak.
  5. Synalon

    Forsaken Fortress

    I have now pledged to this! :D I really want the $230,000 stretch goal, but it's looking unlikely at the moment...
  6. Synalon

    Power suggestions!

    Demon's Souls invisibility walks the balance near perfectly. It's useful, but far from broken.
  7. Synalon

    Forsaken Fortress

    Wow, this looks great! Hopefully my debit cards will arrive before the Kickstarter finishes (they really should do). In the meantime, I will see if I can't get some of my friends to pledge.
  8. Synalon

    Pledge Fail

    Thank goodness I only lost my card the day after I pledged on Kickstarter.
  9. Synalon

    Wounds, Limbs and Gore

    You have lost a leg. How much bumrushing do you expect to accomplish?
  10. Synalon

    Wounds, Limbs and Gore

    I expect the team has better things to do than get really anal about coding in the exact, medically precise ways in which you die.
  11. Synalon

    Power suggestions!

    I'm curious about the extent to which we will have to make decisions between mundane fighting abilities and thaumaturgic powers. For example, it has been said that we will have "precious few skills" - are skills only for things like shields and weapons, or do they also cover thaumaturgy...
  12. Synalon

    Creature Suggestions

    Both high and low fantasy appeal to me in different ways, and I enjoy work of both genres. The impression I got from the Kickstarter is that most enemies will be fairly mundane, with the odd fireball-hurling demon or necromantic lich in the far reaches and darkest depths of the world. These...
  13. Synalon

    People you have convinced to pledge

    I convinced one Zodeak of this very forum to pledge. ^_^
  14. Synalon

    Your Favorite RPG(s)?

    Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are both absolutely fantastic RPGs; many of the elements that make them great seem to be planned for Sui Generis as well (dark and mysterious world, challenging gameplay, consequences for death, etc.)
  15. Synalon

    We made it happen

    I'm so glad this got full funding. It looked like it wasn't going to make it for a while, which is a shame, because the game really deserves far more funding than it got.
  16. Synalon

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I also hope for great character appearance customisation - one of my big problems with many fantasy games is that all of the women are classically attractive and look basically the same while all of the men are just...ugly. Multiplayer modes also sound fantastic.


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