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  1. fluffydino2000

    The great indoors. Now outside.

    Excellently put
  2. fluffydino2000

    Day night cycle?

    I think I can say with some certainty that torches will not run out. The dev's stance on armour durability and hunger/thirst/sleep systems essentially mirrors to this. They don't want to waste the players time by making them stop adventuring (the main focus of the game) by forcing them to go...
  3. fluffydino2000


    Damn, cover's blown. My handler's gonna be pissed.
  4. fluffydino2000

    Thoughts on New Patch Combat

    I can't speak to the rest of your post, but to the noob question: Donning armour will in the future slow your movements, if I'm not very much mistaken, but doesn't yet.
  5. fluffydino2000

    Gamepad control proposal

    For combat, as it is in its current state, this control scheme could work marvellously. However, this game has more than just combat in it. Interacting with the environment would be near impossible with a 360 controller, and the jury's still out on a steam controller. Moreover, the combat is...
  6. fluffydino2000

    Exanima 0.4.4 Beta

    I see Exanima 0.5.0 setup on my account page?
  7. fluffydino2000

    Found a way to enable follow camera in combat

    What if you could have a setting that was a toggle called "Static Combat Camera". What it would do, is allow the camera to be centered on wherever the cursor was when middle click was pressed. Holding middle click would allow rotation about this point and also vertical panning. Releasing it...
  8. fluffydino2000

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    It could restrict the distance you are able to zoom out to. So you cannot feasibly scout in a helmet, but you can still fight just as effectively (ignoring ranged opponents, which is fair I think).
  9. fluffydino2000

    Combat - Question: Weapon parts & damage.

    You are correct. Hitting with the haft is so insignificant that no damage is dealt, from what I can tell. However, it can knock someone off-balance and often the head will make light contact somewhere potentially dealing minimal damage.
  10. fluffydino2000


    Maybe an account on here could have a key section where by entering a valid steam key you get the game added to your about page?
  11. fluffydino2000

    The Little things are important

    I know for a fact there is weather, well rain. I'm pretty certain snow is not being included for now as the setting is an island which isn't big enough for several climates. Maybe? We likely can hunt animals eventually but it will never be the main focus of the game. Crafting also isn't...
  12. fluffydino2000

    NDA and YouTube

    It's fine to post videos on the forum so long as they don't get posted elsewhere. Being hosted on youtube isn't an issue either, as long as the video is unlisted. Basically, this means people require the link to see the video so it cannot come up from a you tube search. I think most people are...
  13. fluffydino2000

    What makes a thaumaturge?

    Interesting thread. I'd like to imagine that a thaumaturges potential to cast spells outside their aptitude/discipline is equal to that of any peasant. However, I'd imagine that they are much more likely to do so, given their understanding of another form of thaumaturgy. I'd also like to imagine...
  14. fluffydino2000

    Combat Demo Beta Release

    Ah, I see. It does sound useful for learning the game. But I'd imagine that actually executing suggestions exactly how the game suggests would be very tricky. What may make more sense is releasing a couple videos of AI fighting with highest skill level. Then displaying the virtual inputs the AI...
  15. fluffydino2000

    Combat Demo Beta Release

    You will be happy to know that it is usually very clear if a hit is made, and only unclear if the enemy is wearing plate armour. You can also hear quite clearly if you've made a connection. As for your second point, I'm unsure as to what you are describing. Do you mean suggestions of what moves...
  16. fluffydino2000

    How long time to Beta?

    It would, but a time frame would still be nice. I don't expect or want a specific date, as it'll likely put too much pressure on BM. But knowing whether it'll be next week or next month or in three months helps managing hype. EDIT: Whilst we're asking about the prelude. Has a decision been made...
  17. fluffydino2000

    How long time to Beta?

    Someone was inevitably going to ask eventually, so it may as well be me. Is there an ETA on the alpha prelude release?
  18. fluffydino2000

    Naming items?

    I'm pretty sure that this is already a planned feature. It was discussed in the equipment kickstarter update.
  19. fluffydino2000

    How long time to Beta?

    Will the NDA be lifted for the beta release?
  20. fluffydino2000

    Status Update

    Out of interest, how significant is... What is the most characters we are likely to see in the game now? And I assume when you talk about implications to the game you are referring to the scale of battles and populated areas, but I'm also intrigued to know if this makes wildlife and mounts...


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