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  1. SergeDavid

    We need us some bagpipes and kilts

    True that the Kilt is a fairly modern invention, However, you can see how much of a power up a kilt gives its wearing in both style points but also in strength. Also I own...
  2. SergeDavid

    We need us some bagpipes and kilts

    I was directed to this lovely page with royalty free sound clips, This might give whoever does the music stuff something they can work with to get some of those lovely sounds into the game. Then to finish the lovely themed wishlist we've got...
  3. SergeDavid

    Profile pictures Thread

    I found mine on google long long ago back around 2003ish for an UT2k4 Modding forum where I made crappy maps on. There was some sort of monkey theme going on at the time with the people I hung out with and this was just too awesome to pass up. On another forum I use to use this same avatar...
  4. SergeDavid

    Dead or dying games

    Through my journey of gaming I've seen a lot of games come and go. Only a few of them made a large enough impression to be considered a milestone. Shattered Galaxy - An old MMORTS that played like a command and conquer style game with all of the focus on the units instead of building. There was...
  5. SergeDavid

    What is an insider?

    It was an enchantingly magical night when we became insiders for the first time. A whole new world of understanding was flooded upon us as we tentatively entered the new forum section for the first time to be greeted by the staff. I felt like the belle of the ball with my freshly ironed blue...
  6. SergeDavid

    Is the Dungeon really a dungeon?

    Thank you both for the compliments. I'm always apprehensive when I post them until I see some likes pop up. The allure of mystery is such a great thing and I love topics like this where we can explore those elements of the unknown. What if this place isn't what we think? What where people's...
  7. SergeDavid

    Is the Dungeon really a dungeon?

    If it wasn't for this tasteless air I could almost fool myself into thinking I was back home. Far off each gust of win slowly builds itself up into a wave upon the tops of the swaying wheat. Slowly rolling across the country side towards me upon this shoreline against a sea of farmland. It...
  8. SergeDavid

    Useless door

    Thank you, I do have a compilation of them encase you haven't seen it on the insiders forum. I just can't seem to find as many threads that motivate me as I don't know enough of the lore to work around it without feeling foolish for contradicting any of it. The...
  9. SergeDavid

    Useless door

    I tried writing something better, but this encapsulates the exact ideas I get off of this image. In their folly they've delved deeper and deeper into the mountainside to squelch their greed. But they dug too deep, too greedily and awoken something that should have laid undisturbed. Now all the...
  10. SergeDavid

    Ranged Weapons?

    Day six; complete rewrite number three and I've still not managed to record my thoughts. A long list of procrastination has proceeded me as my tongue twisted and turned against the paper, saying nothing in all its gabbering. The sun beat down in waves of stifling heat as the winds taunted us on...
  11. SergeDavid

    What Mod Would You Make?

    5/5 would mount sheep as a midget again.
  12. SergeDavid

    What's inappropriate?

    Must be a king. Why? He hasn't got shit all over him.
  13. SergeDavid

    What Mod Would You Make?

    Midgets and sheep mounts.
  14. SergeDavid

    Get Hype Giveaway - Win insider forum access (or more!)

    What, where, when, why, sorry I lost context and forgot what we where talking about.
  15. SergeDavid

    Paper doll view question.

    I'd say have a muted lighting effect on the character while playing with the inventory can help keep the atmosphere of the outside world would be fantastic. Lets say it is a bright sunny day, the light can be a bit stronger, if you're standing in front of a beach or lava then a blue / orange...
  16. SergeDavid

    There is nothing I can't kill because I am the hero

    The monkey in the blue pajamas who randomly posts stories on the forums. (I made it up on the spot.)
  17. SergeDavid

    There is nothing I can't kill because I am the hero

    I never knew my father, he was always off fighting the good fight as my mother use to say. I wish I could still go back to believing that he was a good man. I was raised on stories of his glories from my mom, how he was destined for something greater. Like killing one man can ever fix anything...
  18. SergeDavid

    Get Hype Giveaway - Win insider forum access (or more!)

    Come my lads and lass's and listen to my lay, I have tales to tell and many more so don't delay. For in those hallowed halls do I take up my abode, to adorn those who do not mourn the shilling or two they've tossed into my hat. Tales of feats most daring and wonderful do I tell freely sharing...
  19. SergeDavid

    Types of loot?

    I've finally made it out of those detestable tunnels, the light of day has been too much for me so I must wait at the entrance until nightfall. My last piece of Hardtack barely stopped the gnawing sensation in my belly, it feels almost as if my stomach is eating me from the inside out. I've...
  20. SergeDavid

    M.A.V. Modular Assault Vehicles

    So as a big chromehounds fan I discovered this project about two years ago and as it is almost done the kick starter and I've finally returned to the forums after my long hiatus as I waited for more content to talk about I'd thought it would be a good idea to share the love! Website...


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