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  1. Kieran

    Exanima 0.8

    EXANIMA 0.8 Exanima 0.8 is out, and it's our biggest update yet. The thaumaturgy system is here, the largest content addition to date, new creatures, new features and many improvements. Thaumaturgy is the last major system we needed to make Exanima's planned content work and make it feel like a...
  2. Kieran

    Exanima 0.6 Released

    BEYOND THE PORTAL Beneath the surface of our apparently fairly typical medieval setting there is something else. Now we begin to unveil it. It has always been our goal to create a special brand of fantasy, one that is familiar yet different, where the wondrous and fantastical hold up to...
  3. Kieran

    Update #36

    With the prelude released we've been taking on board a lot of new feedback and criticism. The physics and general complexity of the game are a big part of what make it interesting but can also make things a little difficult. Not everyone embraces change but we've done our best to filter the...
  4. Kieran

    Exanima Released

    Exanima is now available for download to all our backers. You can download it directly from us or you can redeem your Steam keys which should have been sent to you between yesterday and today. If for whatever reason you did not receive you keys by email you can access them from your account page...
  5. Kieran

    Exanima Greenlit on Steam

    Exanima was greenlit with this Monday's batch of games. The process went incredibly well, we had a hugely positive response with 87% voting "yes, I would buy this game" compared to an average of 30% in the top 50 out of over 1700 games. We also had an impressive 1500+ comments on our Greenlight...
  6. Kieran

    Greenlight Exanima!

    Exanima is now on Steam Greenlight. Visit our Greenlight page which includes some nice new screenshots of the Exanima beta and please vote yes! We need a lot of votes to get Exanima approved so spread the word. Here's the link to our Greenlight page...
  7. Kieran

    Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted

    WHAT IS THE EXANIMA BETA? We call it a beta but really this is more indicative of what tier of backer has access to it than anything else. We've reached a level of quality and functionality that we're happy with, we've used our alpha testing period to refine core gameplay and weed out all the...
  8. Kieran

    Prelude Alpha Release

    The first prelude alpha is now available from our website. For those of you who haven't caught on yet, the prelude is named Exanima. If you have alpha access then go grab it and then come to our forum and tell us what you think. You're our first testers so this first release is still under NDA...
  9. Kieran

    Update #30

    Recently we've been doing weekly updates on our insider forum, the prelude alpha is nearing completion and we've been keeping those waiting for its arrival informed on our progress and what challenges we've faced and overcome each week. It's been a very busy time for us but now we see the light...
  10. Kieran

    Combat Demo Beta Release

    A POSSIBLE MISUNDERSTANDING Before we move on to the purpose of this update we'd like to clear up some misunderstandings that seem to have resulted from our last update. Some people seem to have understood that we were abandoning our physics intensive combat in favour of something more...
  11. Kieran

    Update #28: Update #28

    So it's now June and some of you were expecting a prelude release. We've been communicating our progress on our forums but we haven't done a Kickstarter update in some time. We're not quite ready for a prelude release yet but we have been hard at work! We know many of you have high...
  12. Kieran

    Combat Alpha Released (Kickstarter Update)

    Yesterday evening we released a first version of the combat alpha. Over 1200 people now have access to it. This very early release is under NDA but it will be lifted soon, we just want to get some early feedback and solve any major issues before it goes public. Anyone with access to the insider...
  13. Kieran


    If you can't access your account, and the reset password doesn't work, please send us an email at: from your payment email address and we willl get it sorted ASAP.
  14. Kieran

    A Quick Update

    At the moment we're working hard to get everything packed up and presentable for players and distribution. This involves many things such as compatibility, finalising distributed file formats and file structures, menus, character creation, splash screens, in game music etc. and generally...
  15. Kieran


    With less than six months left until our planned release date we can see that we're behind schedule. We thought it best to communicate this now rather than later. We also want to reprioritise current development goals in a way that is more satisfying for you and easier to manage. Rather than...
  16. Kieran

    Running improvements and combat controls

    Many people found the poor running motion in our latest video quite distracting so we made an immediate effort to improve it. There also seems to be quite a lot of confusion about how the combat works so we made a new, more detailed explanation of the controls as they are in their current state...
  17. Kieran

    New Public Video

    Somewhat later than promised, here finally is a new public video! During development it's easy to dismiss many glitches and other issues due to things being unfinished and as you know we are developing all technology in house. As we endeavoured to make this video we became determined to solve...
  18. Kieran

    Stats and combat AI

    Yes fluffy, ranged combat is still planned. Coming soonish™.
  19. Kieran

    Stats and combat AI

    In the new video we will showcase a number of environments and gameplay features including various weapon types, looting, item interaction, item properties and more... The video should give you a much more complete idea of what the final game will be like. There are two main things we are...
  20. Kieran

    New Environment Artist

    A while ago we decided to hire an additional environment artist to help us build the Sui Generis game world. We advertised the position and received over 100 applications, we selected the best applicants and asked them to do an art test, we then interviewed those with the best submissions and...


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