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  1. Rithoa

    Coffee Diary 29/5/23

    Omg, the hype! Love you people!
  2. Rithoa

    Coffee Diary 5/12/22

    Such good news, congrats on those longterm constructive improvements. It's impressive, inspiring and very exciting for these games longevity! I'm so happy that you work in terms of such a seemingly smart, ambitions and effective approach!
  3. Rithoa

    Coffee Diary 3/10/22

    This is so exciting to follow! Your game is gonna be so incredibly fun!
  4. Rithoa

    Coffee Diary 14/2/22

    You are so cool, Bare Mettle!
  5. Rithoa

    Coffee Diary 15/11/21

    Love that you're introducing dragging of larger objects that you just can't lift. This is one of those things that I just thought about this game like, "their never gonna introduce this", but then you do, and I'm just really hoping you keep delivering with this game, don't want you to get burned...


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