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  1. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 13/6/22

    The new arena maps rock! Hope to see dyeing mechanix soon, as it is kinda grindy to get clothes n' armour in colours you'd like. Also would be nice to have a way to redact your guilds' emblem and name.
  2. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 7/2/22

    These are great news! Hope to hear about new lore-related development soon!
  3. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Arena grind for Merchants problem

    Я просто устал гриндить арену, а именно продавцов, чтобы купить то, что я хочу. Поэтому я предложил несколько идей для решения этой проблемы, в частности разделить торговцев по группам товаров и/или ввести систему уровней для них, которая будет определять, на сколько хорошие вещи будет каждый...
  4. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Arena grind for Merchants problem

    I also thought about "Relation" mechanics with your merchants. For example you can tell one what part of armour you're missing right now and what colour you want it to be. Also merchants will have their own experience and skills, like at some point they will learn to get more colourfull pieces...
  5. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Arena grind for Merchants problem

    Hi there, been playing for 371.4 hrs now + approx. 50 hrs without steam, where almsot two thirds o' these are arena grind hours. Problem: After playing grinding arena for so long, an idea came to me that i do it mostly because as most of us i can imagine i'd love my characters look smarty at...
  6. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 13/9/21

    Wish there was an unbeatable godlike AI tier, just for the sake of challenge.
  7. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 6/9/21

    i personally wish there was an unbeatable AI
  8. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 16/8/21

    Chel, zaebal spamitb, idi k shkole gotovsya
  9. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 26/4/21

    Is there any way to mend or colour your armour in Arena mode yet? jus' askin'
  10. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 5/4/21

    nerd probs
  11. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 5/4/21

    >Procedural broom go brrrrrrrr
  12. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 29/3/21

    Hey, may be it is kinda off-topic but wouldn't it be more lore-fitting to replace Lilis or Roses or whatever the symbol it is in the corners of the new UI window with Spiders, representing the Guardian's cult? Keeping same style the lilis have of course.
  13. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 22/3/21

    I see, thank you very much! I have recently made my way to the tavern again so it seems i found all the scrolls added.
  14. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Coffee Diary 22/3/21

    Feels like the development speed is increased drasticaly with beta branch out. I'm very happy nowadays to see this masterpiece gain in content and performance. P.S. Where do i find new lore scrolls on Market? Hope to see wiki geting an update soon.
  15. muxanuk_the_proctor

    It's taking forever to accumulate a single set of somewhat good condition colourful armour.

    I'm okay with saves wipes. These are the things we sacrafice to BM.
  16. muxanuk_the_proctor

    It's taking forever to accumulate a single set of somewhat good condition colourful armour.

    Alright, i will stay tuned. Hope it won't corrupt my current save....
  17. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Market is closed due to the pandemic?

    dude, read patch notes carefully,this is not the first time you ask kinda obvious questions
  18. muxanuk_the_proctor

    It's taking forever to accumulate a single set of somewhat good condition colourful armour.

    Hey, i've been playing arena mostly in recent times and came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to collect all pieces of armour in certain color ;(. Suggestion: raise the chances of coloured armour spawns in merchant shops at least to the 2/3 where 2 - is a number of "Coloured"...
  19. muxanuk_the_proctor

    Hey, I am patient and I understand what that game is going thru but I would love some intel form devs or insiders.

    yay, i will already become a bachelor when Exanima is released or may be even a master when Sui Generis does xD


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