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  1. JamesButlin

    I would like to talk about weapon clashing for a moment.

    Anything that requires constant clicking/pressing of a button to win = A huge annoyance to me. I hope i'm not alone in this, clashing of course being a neccesity for the combat in SG (glad to hear the devs have already implemented it) but I hope they veer away from anything that turns it into a...
  2. JamesButlin

    Forum Feedback

    Text based chat is horrific without emotion, so many things can be taken the wrong way! Anyway this is going off topic.. :eek:
  3. JamesButlin

    Forum Feedback

    Yeah the HTML tag, causing the site to show up in browsers as the full URL in the tab/window title. Just thought it'd be worth mentioning incase they wanted to add a default title to span across the forums :)
  4. JamesButlin

    Forum Feedback

    I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this before but none of the forum pages seem to have page titles in the form of <title>This</title>
  5. JamesButlin

    Map Editor & Worlds

    I would just like access to the engine with the ability to spawn things in to be honest! Those physics are fantastic! I'd spawn a hungred skeletons in a pile and drop something heavy on them, just to watch a seething mass of skeleton bones trying to re-assemble. Amongst other things. ;) But of...
  6. JamesButlin

    So did you guy find a good animator ?

    Couldn't imagine anything more frustrating than using kinect with physics-driven combat ;)
  7. JamesButlin


    Bloooody hell calithlin you have such creativity! Even if we managed to see 10% of these in the game, I will be amazed at the outcomes they could achieve. Kudos!
  8. JamesButlin

    Roleplay and world behavior.

    I'd quite like to have your playable character given a in depth humanity/kindness system, every time you do a good deed there could be a percentage chance that an NPC might have heard about it (percentages change depending on how much social interaction they might be likely to have with rest of...
  9. JamesButlin

    How would you define difficulty ?

    I completely agree with Psychomorph on this one, for me, the best kind of increased difficulty is where the enemies outnumber you, where it feels like they one nothing more than to kill you and eat your body. I like increased intelligence in higher difficulties too, it's a scary thing being...
  10. JamesButlin

    Realistic Car Damage

    I love that engine :')
  11. JamesButlin

    Forum Feedback

    Suprisingly not! And it's 8am on monday for me so everything should be confusing right now ;)
  12. JamesButlin


    Haha! :D
  13. JamesButlin

    Grand list of dev quotes on features

    Crikey! This must have taken some time and effort! Kudos! Now to grab a cup of tea and start reading :)
  14. JamesButlin


    Oh we all like a good fight axe to axe but those flails look ruthless :P
  15. JamesButlin


    I second this, which leads me to another point, I hope there are breakable doors. Imagine how terrifying it'd be to have monsters break down your door while you're not ready for it, a panic to try and find the nearest weapon (chair leg included of course) simply in order to defend yourself.
  16. JamesButlin


    Interesting to see how they approach this, though male and female erm.. bodyparts in a game isn't exactly something which is hugely required in any aspect. I imagine undergarments will probably take part if you feel your character is a little overburdened with armour/clothing.
  17. JamesButlin

    We made it happen

    Ahh, well it'll still be muchly appreciated by the guys i'm sure buddy :D
  18. JamesButlin


    Agreed :). It's all relative to how big Madoc and crew want the map to be in the end!
  19. JamesButlin

    We made it happen

    I think we all are :D
  20. JamesButlin


    Definitely agree with you on the variation in settlement size. It all really depends on the size of the map :). I'd like to see Chernarus (from DayZ) sized maps in Sui Generis - 225 km2 This would leave plenty of room for a dozen small towns/settlements with a few larger bustling cities, I...


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