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  1. Vold

    Exanima 0.8

    Hello, it's been a while since I've played exanima... Actually, I've not played a game in years. I was waiting for thaumaturgy and here it is, at last! I wasn't sure if I was going to get immersed in the game after such a long break of gaming, but I played hours non stop today, the game gets...
  2. Vold

    What's taking so long?

    Well, I've not been around for a while so it's partly my fault. :P
  3. Vold

    What's taking so long?

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it!
  4. Vold

    Guard stances.

    Customization and making character unique is not a waste of time, but creating stances just for show is a waste of time IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I think that stances would be a great addition, but if implemented well. ;)
  5. Vold

    Guard stances.

    Forget aesthetics, it'd be a waste of time to implement stances if it's just for the look of it. Stances will be a great addition to the game and will open a lot of possibilities for combat. Although, I wouldn't expect them to be implemented for Exanima... maybe for SG. Think on all the work...
  6. Vold

    The Arena Challenges !

    The good thing is that I made it just before the new update. Now I can't even pass the 4th enemy, when I reach him. lol.
  7. Vold

    About the parry mechanic:

    Playing the upcoming patch (currently available for beta testers), I can tell that the combat has improved a lot (it's much more challenging). So, hang in there, it will be out soon (I have no idea whatsoever related to the release date).
  8. Vold

    so the... Troll

    Btw, it's definitely not a Troll.
  9. Vold

    The Arena Challenges !

    Novice & Expert, Naked + Maul. :3
  10. Vold

    Exanima's combat: Strangely suitable for VR?

    I think it's just the opposite, they are mutually exclusive. It'd be similar to playing a platform game with 2 players controlling directly the same character. Think about how messy it would be.
  11. Vold

    About the parry mechanic:

    I certainly wouldn't be able to rely only on parry / counter to defeat the expert arena (actually, I just tried a few times and only managed to get to the 4th enemy - using starting cloth and only a 1h sword to parry, and standing still the whole fight). I think it's painfully difficult to do...
  12. Vold

    About the parry mechanic:

    Eventhough, the game is under development and the combat system is unfinished (the most of it is still WIP: skills, animations, movement, etc), the current combat system is not as simple as you think, and I don't blame you, because you are new to the game. A few weeks after I started playing...
  13. Vold

    About the parry mechanic:

    AFAIK, this is an intended feature. Most of the times you will be able to parry if you are in a correct position, and the blow isn't too hard (if the weapon has a lot of momentum it will be harder to parry). The more you get acustomed to the controls the better you will parry, but as you said...
  14. Vold

    Arena mode monsters

    I'd rather see not see non-human enemies in the arena. I fear that it'd take away part of the fun of the campaign, which is discovering new creatures, figuring out their role in the lore, etc. Although, I think that the arena needs more challenge, it's currently too easy. I'm hoping for new...
  15. Vold

    Sad update...

    The OP has a point IMO, the game is much less unforgiving. But, we can't judge the decision because we have no clue about what's going to happen next. I think that we will be loving this feature once thaumaturgy gets implemented, because we will get unconscious, eventually, no matter what we do...
  16. Vold

    Probably unimportant hardware issue, but...

    I recently got an Nvidia GTX 970 which makes noise mainly in the character's screen, but also in some areas of the campaign map. Limiting the FPS like madoc said reduces significantly the noise when in the character's screen.
  17. Vold


    A few things about consumeables: + The blue jars stop working when transitioning to a different map (the one I found in the second level and carried to the 4th level stopped working). + Sometimes strange stuff happens with socketed items and gems. Not sure if it's caused by transitions or not: -...
  18. Vold

    This is the best game I have ever played. Though it's missing one element...

    From what I have read, stuff like hamachi or evolve (I asume that it's like hamachi), may be chaotic, due to the nature of the game. Most games know exactly whats gonna happen before it happens so the information can be delayed and everything will be just fine, but in exanima it is different...
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  20. Vold

    How long Exanim will be?

    Check this out:


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