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  1. Psychomorph

    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    I'm original KS backer, but haven't been here since a couple of years and didn't play Exanima for that duration either. The visual style and the low-fantasy element are what sold me on SG back then and the controls were mainly the reason I let it go, and the devs "renitency" to feedback that...
  2. Psychomorph

    Combat Tutorial

    Nice videos.
  3. Psychomorph

    Why I hate this game.

    Slow motion videos with the mouse/keyboard in the bottom that highlight buttons/keys when pressed and a commentary explaining what happens, what you do and why you need to do it.
  4. Psychomorph

    For those of you on the fence

    The world of inde developement. No deadlines to meet, therefore no game to screw up. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Just wait...
  5. Psychomorph

    Las time, on Sui Generis...

    Hot phase of development.
  6. Psychomorph

    Underworld Ascendant

    Kickstarter is live
  7. Psychomorph

    Underworld Ascendant

    I love the design direction, no women with armoured bathing suits. It's still high fantasy, but it has this oldschool western RPG like flair to it. I love that.
  8. Psychomorph

    Underworld Ascendant

    Very excited about this. Paul Neurath and former folks from Looking Glass are making a sequel to Ultima Underworld. They'll have their Kickstarter on February the 4th. So it's going to be a 1st person dungeon crawler RPG.
  9. Psychomorph

    Shroud of the Avatar

    Makes me laugh, because the combat is atrocious. That is exactly the though I have and always had with this. The only thing that I like is what comes from the old Ultima games, something you also see in Sui Generis, that is the grid-less inventory placement, but that's about it. This also...
  10. Psychomorph

    Shroud of the Avatar

    SoA hit STEAM early access. Does anyone still think that it still is kind of really crappy? I'm a bit appalled, lol. Maybe there is more substance to it than what it looks like, but I can't shake off that feeling.
  11. Psychomorph

    Prelude Alpha Release

    Force push plz.
  12. Psychomorph

    Update #30

    I am a realist and as such I had not a slight glimmer of faith they'd ship the full game in time, none, at no point in time, ever. I backed knowing that it will take at least a year more. How I knew? I just knew, because developing games is a #####. I'd say your expectations were unrealistic...
  13. Psychomorph

    Update #30

    I think they have a single account with the KS money. No-one gets paid (except contractors), but they can lift money off this account to buy milk and can keep their personal savings.
  14. Psychomorph

    Update #30

    Happy for you guys that you can realize your ideas and dreams. That is (almost) more worth than money.
  15. Psychomorph

    Update #28: Update #28

    Awesome update. Thank you very much.
  16. Psychomorph

    Status Update

    I have better idea. Throw everything and everybody (like, everything and everybody) that you got into a large room and watch the mayhem unfold. Rampage supreme.
  17. Psychomorph

    Status Update

    I'd suggest a dungeon mild puzzle solving level. You find yourself in a hallway that leads to a room with a closed gate. There you have to find a key. The next room has a raised bridge, where you have to cut the rope with your sword to bring it down (over head attack, or else you wont hit it)...
  18. Psychomorph


    I'm excited like little girl.
  19. Psychomorph

    A Quick Update

  20. Psychomorph

    Pillars of eternity (Formerly Project Eternity) GAMEPLAY teaser

    Looks interesting. Sui Generis looks far more next gen compared to this (already did in the first KS video), but I guess Pillars of Eternity is more into retro aesthetics, which is good, too.


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