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  1. JOhn6D

    Worth the buy now?

    I contributed at the highest level not only because of the two digital copy reward but because I believe what Madoc and the other game devs are doing. I genuinely believe that this game is going to be one that is well worth the money I contributed and more. There are many games out there that...
  2. JOhn6D

    Status Update

    I like the idea of a bar room, just to kinda hang out and interact with the characters. Or start a fight with them hehe! Maybe a small surrounding area to explore. But the tavern fight would be a lot of fun!
  3. JOhn6D

    What Mod Would You Make?

    If it ins't implemented yet, I would make a mod that makes armor and weapons weaken over time. There would also be a system to restore the equipment to its original luster but regular maintenance would be required. Having a wooden shield break on you during a battle, or a sparing match, should...


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