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    Love the Game

    Bare Mettle best dev team
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    Where is Sui Generis?

    holy shit XD
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    Coffee Diary 21/3/22

    How is this so far ahead of its time? Like holy shit Bare Mettle is just casually outperforming the entire game industry every week at this point
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    Coffee Diary 14/3/22

    Absolute game changer
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    Coffee Diary 7/2/22

    Exanima kind of is Sui Generis in a sense, and development seems to be going at a very solid rate. Although it will take years, I have full faith in Bare Mettle delivering Sui Generis once Exanima is done. The best part is that Exanima's completion will have a great many features that can be...
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    Chronicles of Elyria

    I'm heavily convinced that you're Lapty
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    Forums Have Been Dead for a Week

    Oh yes, I've heard good things about Aether Ridge! I will definitely check it out soon. (No clue why I haven't already done that)
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    Exanima planned feature list

    Bro seeing "Children" made me crack up
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    Exanima 0.8.3

    Awesome work! Looking forward to future levels in the dungeon.
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    Forums Have Been Dead for a Week

    I'm playing the slugpups mod, along with a few other gameplay tweaks. I've been mostly messing with the level editor, which is super cool, albeit very slow. I really should download region mods, seeing as exploration is my favorite part of the game. Do you have any recommendations?
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    Forums Have Been Dead for a Week

    What games have y'all been playing recently? Personally, I've been having fun modding Rivals of Aether and Rain World. The communities for those games are fantastic. I've also been trying to find a group of friends to play Gigantic with. Anyone remember that game? Good times.
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    Coffee Diary 29/11/21

    The feeling of new devtools actually working is unrivaled in this world.
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    Coffee Diary 22/11/21

    A lot of the Exanima updates are actually news about Sui Generis. When Exanima is done, they will use the same engine and everything for Sui Generis. As for the speed of these updates, it is not about team size or technical challenge. Bare Mettle programs on their free time while still happily...
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    Coffee Diary 15/11/21

    If you're on steam, right click Exanima in your library and navigate to the betas menu. Then choose to opt in for public beta releases
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    Steam allows you to play the public beta releases that bare Mettle publish, but I have no idea about GOG. It might just be stuck on the last major release, which was about a year and a half ago.
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    Coffee Diary 15/11/21

    More interaction with the environment??? :oops:
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    Coffee Diary 8/11/21

    When playing the Arena mode, I've always viewed "myself" as the fighters I played. With the new management features being promised, it seems like I might view the manager as the player character. That's an unexpected twist for me.
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    (Question) On character movment

    In my opinion, I think the normal moving keeps your character on a fixed elevation via an invisible force, and when your character's balance becomes too uneven, the invisible force lets go. At that point it feels truly physics-based. I think the only part that doesn't rely 100% on muscles and...
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    What weapons would you like to see in the game?

    We actually do have a single kind of flail available in both the Dungeon & Arena, which is super awesome & ridiculously fun to use (especially when dual wielding). However, I think Bare Mettle is going to add procedurally generated flails some time within the next few updates, since they...


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