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  1. P5ykoOHD

    Exanima 0.8.3

    I would love to have some news on Sui Generis ... Exanima is already great, but I'd love a more "open world" experience like the one promised in the videos and screenshots of it thus far.
  2. P5ykoOHD

    Forfeit Workaround

    Well, think of it this way: The characters can decide to forfeit, it's then up to you to decide if you want to or not and force them into a life or death situation. Either way, forfeit or not, you're still able to die from an instant 1hk type wack to the dome that will red you instantly. PS: I...
  3. P5ykoOHD

    Coffee Diary 30/3/20

    Like so many of us xD All I want is Exanima to move forward in it's development, and for more stuff to do in the game, more to explore, more to fight, etc ... I bought Doom Eternal, but all I've been playing recently is Exanima, in anticipation of the next update xD
  4. P5ykoOHD

    Coffee Diary 30/3/20

    Instructions unclear ... stuck in computer from excitement and anticipation !!
  5. P5ykoOHD


    All weapons have weight, more or less of it, thus all weapons have "impact" damage. A sharp edge will still bite into whatever it contacts. Think of it as cracking an egg with a knife, once cracked it becomes brittle and easy to break. Bone is similar. Either way, heavy swings will do the job no...
  6. P5ykoOHD

    Coffee Diary 23/3/20

    Could we possibly get an ETA on when it should be ready or how things are going ? Even if just an opinion / estimation ^^
  7. P5ykoOHD

    Blood pools

    AND, I'll add that it would be a great feature if when walking in one, you run the risk of slipping over in it (decreased traction with the ground / floor caused by blood acting as lubricant) ^^ Would add a lot to combat.
  8. P5ykoOHD

    Is it possible to change the name of your arena characters?

    Edit: I made a steam Guide for this You can do it with a Hex editor, just open the save file you wish to modify, ctrl+f and search for the name you want to change, then simply highlight it and modify as wanted, hex values will...
  9. P5ykoOHD

    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    I'm 30+ hours in and having a little fun. Sure I'm not very good, but who cares xD
  10. P5ykoOHD

    In the normal Story mode: no ... just don't pick that stuff up, or toss it. In the Arena mode...

    In the normal Story mode: no ... just don't pick that stuff up, or toss it. In the Arena mode: the Merchant & Shopkeeper both allow items in your main characters inventory to be dragged into the left window (sell) and sold for a pretty low price.


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