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  1. Avramovic

    Exanima Adam's Manor ASMR

    This is some next-level autism sh*t. RPGCodex would be proud. Or amused. Or have a boner. Or all of the above.
  2. Avramovic

    Hey, I am patient and I understand what that game is going thru but I would love some intel form devs or insiders.

  3. Avramovic

    Local music thread!

    And now for something completely different. Some good ol' shit, best rappers on Balkan So this is apparently a guy from Arizona, playing a song about a river on which my mom grew up. Small world, eh. ...and this is Max Cavalera, along with his merry band of metalic friends (fiends?)...
  4. Avramovic

    Are you actually excited about magic in Sui Generis?

    Eh, not really, as I've yet to see anything resembling a nice big fireball that can take care of business.
  5. Avramovic

    This game is a design mess

    we have a saying here in Serbia: "Ko nema u vugla, ima da gugla" In other words, EvilCorp, I mean Google, Google is your friend.
  6. Avramovic

    OK guys... thaumaturgy is fine and all, BUT-

    - can we expect offense spells and/or ranged combat? In other words, fireballs and arrows when?
  7. Avramovic

    The Coward and the Sir

    I like to interject here. There is no wrong tactic, no act of bravery of cowardice for comparison and no deed wrong done when combating "Sir", because when you're up against a 6-meter tall monstrosity that has claws the size of your torso, you have only one goal and whatever means of achieving...
  8. Avramovic

    Frequency of Updates

    Dude. Tony. It's okay to be apologetic of a 4-man team who is developing their own engine and game mechanic on its own without any outside help, but don't compare SG/EX to Star Citizen and ships that cost 29.000,00 USD. I mean, Jesus H., Roberts and his merry band are the last people you want...
  9. Avramovic

    What weapons would you like to see in the game?

  10. Avramovic

    Exanima 0.7.0, any word on when those of us who absolutely despise Steam can get the update here?
  11. Avramovic

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    There's nothing strange about utilizing zombie blood, however virulent it may be, instead of ink. A bit unorthodox, but one wages war with maps drawn in blood one has at hand.
  12. Avramovic

    Exanima 0.7.0

    Dude, they have to read it at some point. It's not like SG and Exanima are AAA titles that get attention everywhere, it's Steam, Twitch and this place here. And don't get me wrong, an articulated naysayer or even a troll can be something good at times, although it's not too good to bitch ALL...
  13. Avramovic

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Mm. I see the problem there, inkwells would be as dry as Mojave prior to courier arriving. Maybe something else that's liquid and colored would survive and be sufficient?
  14. Avramovic

    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I'm lately thinking about different ways useless clutter we find ingame could be used, so here goes: Inkwell. Blank scroll. MAP REVEAL. (of course when you run out of ink/paper, you need to go get more) Hourglass. Some form of time passage could be observed, perhaps, with the aid of this...
  15. Avramovic

    Exanima 0.7.0

    Oh, and yes - 90% of containers in new areas are empty. You guys updated Steam version to but you can't upload the patch for the game here, on your own site? Come on. Stop giving guys like Floris cause to feel right.
  16. Avramovic

    Exanima 0.7.0

    OK, playing (for some reason) atm, here's what I am noticing: - Level 1 COMPLETELY redone, I am lost and more than ever I wish that BM would implement Inkwell & Blank Scrolls combo, which would enable person to automatically start "documenting" progress (in other words, reveal a map of...
  17. Avramovic

    Not Lolcats

  18. Avramovic

    Local music thread!

    hmm. Okay, I'm game! Here's a nice little song for our current president, patriarch, head of mafia etc: btw, this band god banned from media and venues because of this and other anti-government songs. It's what happens in Serbia on a daily basis last 6 years.
  19. Avramovic

    What's taking so long?

    Quit, where? Here? Dunno, I don't think anyone quit. Robert's Space Industries, on the other hand, I think half of them is dead by now from all the cocaine, alcohol and hookers. They're probably hiring new junior programmers as we type.
  20. Avramovic

    What's taking so long?

    hey guys, as bad as this situation is, at least it's not Star Citizen :p


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